Go-Karting all the way!

Vroom!! Went those perky vehicles. Zooming past at an incredible speed, yet managing to brake into a stop; these are the vehicles of recreation for the next generation: The Go-Karts.

Small and convenient, the go-karts have the potential to become a major sporting event in the future. These vehicles are light and speedy, with a good structure, and particularly safe for novice drivers. 

Students of NITR participated in the National Go-Kart Championship-2014 conducted by Indian Society of New Era Engineers, at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore for the first time. Team Rapido, consisting of 25 members, led by Debashish Behera, definitely made a mark at the event, this year. 

It was a competition to bring and enhance good engineering approach and practice for graduating and diploma students in engineering. The competition was basically to design and fabricate a Go-Kart in extremely low budget followed by a competition of the selected teams. The Project is to be completed by the students without direct/indirect involvement of the professionals, which will lead them towards team work and project management.

The event consisted of gruelling sessions of Technical Inspections, brake test and skid pad test, followed by endurance test. The dissembling and assembling of the go-kart was also a part of the event. 

Team Rapido had to face many difficulties, especially in the transportation, with the vehicle reaching a day late. Despite missing one of the events (dissembling and assembling), Team Rapido put up a very good performance in the Business Plan round. 

The team had to withdraw due a glitch in the engine after the first brake test. 

Despite all odds, the team was placed in the 72nd position out of 110 teams from all over the India. They managed to hold the reins even after facing many technical and financial difficulties.

Team MM sincerely wishes good luck to Team Rapido and ASME NIT Rourkela Chapter for their future endeavours.