A Conclave of Quizzers: The Convocation Quiz

Convocation is a time of reunion of the previous greats with the future ones. While all clubs were having meetings and the graduates of 2014 sharing the experience of their job-life or may be something else they are pursuing at the moment, Inquizzitive and Episteme, the two quiz clubs of NITR came together with a brilliant idea of a Convocation Quiz to commemorate the occasion.

Scheduled at 7.30 pm in LA 101, the organisers almost wound up when no one turned up for the quiz till 8.15 pm as it was very late. But all of a sudden, the room flourished with the regular faces in all quiz events at NITR a year ago. The new inductees of the clubs were also present there and they formed teams of 3 members to make the session a success that would go down the memory lane.

Despite having a number of technical problems, all were seated in their place with great enthusiasm waiting for the question answer process to commence. Though it was pre-decided that the quiz would be a competitive one, with points for correct answers and in the end a winner would be declared, no one seemed to be interested in the contest. Rather it became a beautiful session of sharing knowledge with some great trivia and facts; and there was obviously fun unlimited.

It was hard to decide who the quiz master was, as the questions were set by Nishant Nihar, who left Rourkela the previous day for taking part in a quiz held by Birla Institute of Management Technology, Bhubaneshwar, where he ended up in the runners-up position, and in his absence, it was Wasim Sajjad who took the honours of hosting the quiz. However, he was often confused with the answers of the questions, in fact once he declared a wrong answer as a correct answer leading to some comedy amidst the program.

The quiz stretched till 10.00 pm at night. The responses from the participants were very much positive and the graduates were very happy for rewinding the previous memories.