Time to Speak Up!

Ever heard of the term voice modulation? Or you have heard it but never knew what it was about! An initiative taken by Voice Club of NIT Rourkela to educate the NITR masses was a two day workshop on the Art of Public Speaking.

To make the NITR junta well versed with terms like GD (group discussion), PI (personal interview), etc., the members of Voice Club invited Mr. Vikram Pandit. Mr. Pandit passed out from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) from the Department of Metallurgical Sciences. He was the convenor of his college’s literary society. He is also a visiting faculty at various corporate like Tech Mahindra, Infosys, L&T and Cognizant, and also in institutes like IIT Powai, IIT Kharagpur, COEP, VIT Pune, MIT Pune and Bharati Vidyapeeth.

A total of 82 attendees comprising of undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars made their presence on the occasion to gain some knowledge on public speaking. It was a 2 day workshop, consisting of a 2 hours session each day. The first session was held on 13th February, Friday from 6pm to 8 pm in the evening while the second was scheduled on 14th February, Saturday from 2.30 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon. The first session mainly aimed at providing the attendees a preliminary basic knowledge about ways of speaking in a public forum. Some of the tips that Mr. Pandit conveyed- remembering the 4 Ps of presentation: Plan, Prepare, Practice, Present. Things like voice modulation and how to carry it out on stage, importance of maintaining eye contact with the audience and putting emphasis on vital points were also stressed upon. Moreover, public speaking also depends upon the vocal techniques and the body language of the speaker is what was conveyed to the students. Another worthwhile withdrawal from the session was the point where he mentioned about using the space provided during the delivery of one’s speech. The movement of one throughout the stage and staying in positions so that everyone is able to notice you are being the other notable conclusions of the session. The session concluded with a video showing Adolf Hitler addressing his countrymen which was very inspiring and motivating for the audience present there.

The second session was done mainly to conduct mock presentations and group discussions to make the attendees of the workshop get acquainted with what they learnt the day before. The response from the audience was superb; everyone was engrossed in the lecture given by Mr. Pandit. All agreed to the fact that this was a fruitful workshop and everyone went back home with some extra knowledge on public speaking.

Team MM wishes the members of Voice Club all the very best and wishes them luck in their future. Everyone wishes to see many such workshops in the near future.