No Good in this Goodbye

It was in the summer vacations when a batch of 1000 odd people landed on the threshold of NIT Rourkela with expectant faces; shoulders droopy from the excessive baggage; parents nudging them ever onward, realizing the state of affairs in their mind. The future seemed uncertain. Could they go back anymore? Will they survive here in the second-largest campus of the nation? Was this the road to be taken? Four/five years fast forward and bear a gloomy visage crying foul that it was just yesterday that they were attending the freshmen orientations. Oh, yesterday came so suddenly.

The Hall Management Council had organized “The Grand Farewell Dinner” for the final years, who would be leaving the institute to carry on their lives outside the boundaries of this institute, serve as proud citizens of the nation and keep the NITR flag flying high everywhere. Like every year, it was held in Dilip Tirkey Stadium in the evening. The elevated podium of DTS was left empty, inviting everyone to break a leg to whatever the loudspeakers were blaring out.

The final years were the showstoppers of the evening, having decked up to the brim, making sure that they end their last such celebration with a bang. We can just sympathize with them as they were running around to find those few who had written paragraph their life’s diary. We can never empathize.

Journey of being a NITian has provided some immense life changing experiences for the seniors to cherish their entire life. Whether it’s coming with innovative excuses for the professors to save from “Grade Back” or the special treatment bestowed by friends on birthdays every affair in the institute is to be relished. It’s hard to believe that this never ending journey of plagiarizing assignments and giving proxies is finally coming to an end. Procrastination is given a whole new definition by every batch with the approaching semester examination. First year is definitely the most memorable year for any batch; adapting to the alien environment while exploring the newly found freedom. Separated by branches they were united for bearing for the tad monotonous lectures by professors. The institute has taught them to handle every complication that life throws on them whether it’s dearth of water or snail paced internet connection. Flipping through the reminiscence of their days in the institute will echo their sentiments after leaving this institute.

A perfect eulogy for this batch would be that “The song has ended but the melody still lingers”.

This batch will not only remember those who will leave this institute in the next two weeks but also those who have left this mortal world (Soumya Baral & Nishant Rawat). They have a special place in our heart; still comforting and living in us.

The ending is never the highlight of a classic cinema. It is the journey that leads to that ending that is the most important of them all. And as Bollywood has taught us well, if the ending isn’t a happy one, then it isn’t an ending. Team Monday Morning wishes all the final years all the very best for the new beginning; for the new sun that is dawning upon them. The woods will seem lovely, dark and deep but you shall have promises to keep. And miles to go before you sleep. Auf Wiedersehen, final years!