Take pride, Get fascinated: CEST Workshop

A  workshop related to the software AUTOCAD  was conducted by CEST club on Saturday and Sunday.The workshop was held in the Engineering drawing lab in the main building (MB). It took place between 2:00pm – 5:00pm on both the days. Needless to mention it is one of the wisest decisions to be taken considering the 1st years.

It was an event with the greatest number of participants which built up the enthusiasm of each and every club member to give their best in making the event a grand success. It is worth mentioning that the number of participants hiked to 120. A thriving mass of anonymous figures, pulsating with the energy made the team work come into play. This made the workshop not only an extremely successful one but also a useful one considering both academic and non academic point of view of the freshers. The workshop stressed on instilling a strong foundation of basic AutoCAD handling among the inquisitive crowd. First day of the AutoCAD workshop stressed on 2D modelling which is a part of the academic curriculum in the 1stsemester. After teaching the required information regarding basic 2D modelling a short and interesting competition was held between the participants. This helped the students to test their knowledge acquired during the teaching session by putting their ideas, knowledge and of course the imaginative power of the young minds into use. This competition also gave feedback to the tutors and the assisting team on how much they were able to inject the subject into the students. Hence the first day of AutoCAD was a grand success.

Inquisitiveness to learn more and get better info about AutoCAD made the number of students increase the next day. On this day, there was a brief revision of the topics covered the previous day and also basic concepts related to 3D modelling were taught to students with great zeal. Overall the first step taken by the CEST club in this new academic year was a great success since its motto “TAKING PRIDE, GETTING FASCINATED” proved correct another time by their work, which will definitely be cherished in the young minds of NIT Rourkela and also the team members of the club for their great effort which resulted in getting the best fruit. Hats off to the CEST club co-ordinators since leading a team, keeping them intact and getting the desired results is not an easy task. Keep up your spirit and enthusiasm. Wishing all the very best to the members of the club.