The Lionhearted Leos

It was the Tuesday evening of 5th August and the little drizzle forced the members to shift the orientation programme from SAC to the stuffy LA-204, where “heard melodies” are so “sweet” that it echoes over and over again depriving the audience to hear the “unheard” ones. But, this could not let down the excitement and the enthusiasm neither of the LEOs nor the fresh minds that came to have a wee time with full of exciting events and fun.

It all started off with a paper event where the visitors were made to exercise their brains with 5 teasers and they were really teased when the crossword had the names of the members of the club that led them to find out some Sanskrit words from the maze. The real programme kicked off with an exciting quiz that really set the mood for the following events. Passing the bangles with the help of a straw is a traditional game for the orientation of the LEOs. And there was no exception to this year’s as well. 

The aim of the orientation was to present the motto of the club in front of the freshers and inspire them to join the club where the primary and the basic idea is to do social service. The information about various projects was briefed through a power-point presentation and a video said it all for the LEO Club of NIT Rourkela.

One of the most enjoyable events that followed was the performance of the Mavericks, a dancing club of NIT Rourkela. They presented a beautiful piece in front of the audience that encouraged them to join the club that will hold its inductions later this month. 

The Shortlisted candidates were selected on the basis of their performance in the quiz. The four couples were made to play a game where they had to carry a bottle over a distance with the help of their forehead and the first two winners were promoted to the PI round. During the PI round, they showcased their talents in various fields of dancing and singing. Based on the PIs, one of them was declared the winner who was called in a special name, the “Chosen One” – Shreya Das.

It was a fantastic evening presented by the combined effort of all the members of the club and they see a great year ahead looking forward to make all their projects a big success.