A Cyborg-ian Future

When most of the busy NITR junta was scurrying around in the evening, a huge crowd of enthusiastic freshmen decided to throng the Robotics Exhibition-cum-Orientation conducted by Cyborg: the robotics and Automation club of NIT, Rourkela. The event was a roaring success with 200+ robotics fans making a beeline for the event. The event commenced at 5.30pm and sailed through smoothly, albeit with a few minor glitches. 


A motion picture on general robotics was put on to make the audience aware of the general motive of the club and inculcate an interest in the emerging field. The audience was enlightened on the future of this field ranging from supercomputers to robots in your kitchen! 

Tired of conventionality? Yes, try to make remote controlled stuff!

Videos of the latest developments in this field and various humanoids were shown. The major attraction was the robo-exhibition where bots followed lines, solved grids and did a bit of espionage. There were beautiful LED cubes and electronic notice boards too. The electronic arm left many a people awestruck at the workings.  The interaction session was hosted by Cyan Subhra Mishra, Nikhil and Shruti, who answered the curious queries of the freshmen. A workshop on robotics will be conducted to introduce the people to the charms of this beautiful world of robotics and automation. 

Monday Morning wishes a bright future for Cyborg for their future endeavors.