CEST Workshop-cum-Orientation

Civil Engineering Students’ Technical Club
(CEST) organised the first competitive technical event of this academic year preceding the orientation program, AutoCAD designing contest, which witnessed a reasonably good crowd.

Starting with the designing contest, the first years, a bit shaky with the new software, tried their level best to complete the tasks given in the given time. The enthusiasm among the participants was really great to watch and a student came out with affine statement: “It was a learning process for us too.”

The orientation started off with an interactive session between the members and the “would be members” about everyone’s future plans and it was taken forward with the help of the lively anchors and as they put it, the chocolates: “up for grabs” for the ones with a brilliant answer.

All were kept on their toes as the teaser was released giving the audience a thrill about the following events and made them more curious about CEST and its activities. Followed that was a presentation detailing about the various projects and events the club has undertaken in the previous years and also about the future projects planned. Some of them include “Ames Room” and “Escherian Staircase”. The video shown about “Contraption” is what you call an intermingling of interest, hard work, fun and enjoyment and most importantly creativity. A quiz was just on the cards. Fifteen questions, Fifteen answers, and unlimited fun and at the end you gain some knowledge. Answering out of turns, contest among friends to get more chocolates by answering as many as possible were some the sights that reminded every senior of their first years. There was a gala time in the end.

After two back to back events, the club members are looking forward to the inductions and look forward to an eventful year ahead.