All For A Smile!

Peace begins with a smile.

Owing to the extended weekend due to Ganesh Puja, the population seemed less but enough for the LEO Club to visit Shanti Bhawan, an old age home on 30th August, 2014, Saturday. The journey began at 3:30 pm from Amul for the second project of the year.

The LEOs reached the designated place around 4:00 pm and it all started with the interaction between the members and the residents of the place. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th years figured out the old residents and the new residents of the place as well that gave a glimpse of the memories of the previous visits. Even though it was the first visit of the newly inducted first years, the enthusiasm was high among them.

The first years prepared a short function for those innocent souls staying there detached from their families. It started off with a group song that fetched some appreciable applause. Next to it was a skit depicting the difference between the classrooms of earlier days and that of a modern day classrooms. The dialogues and the physical scenes made the audience laugh out loud; what was the aim of the LEOs. The most awaited part of the little effort made by the members was yet to come up. Yes, it was the group dance. Not only the girls, even the boys made a fair attempt to give their best perform the steps as taught to them. A dance much different from the orthodox, classical dance or the current generation modern western dance that is, keeping in the touch of “baraati” dance, it was a treat for their eyes who had a wee time through at least for half an hour. The programme was highly appreciated by the residents and craved for such events more frequently.Following the small function, sweets were distributed among the residents. Fruits were also distributed to keep their hygiene alright. The most successful thing at the end of the visit was the smile that from the residents that conquered every LEOs’ heart.

It was a mission accomplished indeed for the Leo members!