Winter Training: A CEST Club Venture

 Winter training was conducted by the Civil Engineering Student’s Technical Club on the most used softwares of civil engineering at NIT Rourkela itself in the winter of 2014. The softwares  taught were Autocad and Staad-Pro. 

The entire workshop was conducted in two phases, each consisting of 15 days. The phases spanned from 5th December to 20th December and 15th December to 30th December respectively for the first and second phase respectively. The participation was quite commendable fetching around 35 students in the first phase while about 60 aspirants were present in the second phase to master their skills in the above mentioned softwares. Consisting mainly of students from Odisha, the institutes namely Orissa Engineering College, KIIT and a few others, and NIT Raipur were among the few institutes from where the students came to take part in the workshop.

The enthusiastic members of the CEST Club started the campaign giving advertisements on the popular website, Internshala and on the NITR main page as well. Besides that posters and flyers flourished on the notice boards. The members believed publicity was one of the important reason that made the workshop a success.

Although the training was given free of cost, selection of the trainees were made by conducting a test on the first day where basic questions on mechanics were asked. The real workshop started in the second day which comprised of 4 hours each day. Two hours were given for Autocad, which was taught by Naman Kumar and Shubham Kumar Shee (B.Tech. 3rd year students of CE dept.) while the rest two were kept for Staad-Pro, taught by Sitam Suvam (B.Tech. 3rd year student of CE dept.). The workshop was highly interactive with regular assignments and sessions for doubt clearing. The majority of the populace belonged to the M.Tech section of NIT Rourkela. 

However, a member cum trainer of the club finds that the turnout could have been still better. It may be questioned that an experienced trainer should have been invited from outside for on inter-college workshop of this stature, but the members strongly rely on self practice as a better aid to learning than an expert teacher. Also it was another mean to keep the workshop free. In the end, each of the participants was asked to submit an industrial project and was also provided with a CEST Club certificate. 

The organisers were highly grateful to Prof. R. Davis, faculty advisor and Prof. Anil Kumar Singh VP Tech Society for his overwhelming support and Prof. R.K. Patel, Chief Warden for helping them providing accommodation for outside students. The club members are also thinking about following up this success in the near future as they plan to organise many such workshops.