7th All India Leo Schooling and Meet

The 7th ALL INDIA LEO SCHOOLING & MEET was hosted by the district of 322B1 (Lions e-district) at the ITC Fortune Park, Panchwati Kolkata. It was a programme of three days for sharing knowledge and experience and in the end; it was also a fun fiesta. 

The meet witnessed over 140 participants from various parts of India of which 8 were from Leo Club of NIT Rourkela. Participants comprised from district 324A8, 324A2, 322D, 322E, 322C2, 322C5 & 322B1 were present. It began on the 27th of December at 2pm with a small opening ceremony followed by an icebreaker event to allow the participants to know each other. This was followed by a session by Lion Suraj Bagla where he demonstrated on how meetings should be conducted. This was followed by a quiz where the members of NIT Rourkela emerged victorious securing both the first and second positions. The day ended with a bonfire and fun games during dinner.

The 2nd day began with a session where everyone was introduced about MyLCI (My Lions Club International). Details were provided on how to use the MyLCI site for better efficiency in carrying out work. Knowledge on various awards was also made available. Soon, it was followed by the scavenger hunt, a fun event which had all the participants on their feet. After lunch, they had their 3rd session by Lion Vijay K Raju where he envisaged the importance of working together and the role of the Leos and Lions and also the importance of the collaboration between the two. The next event was “Shipwreck” where a participant was given to play the role of a celebrity and save himself. Yet again one of their members, Leo Sayon Mondal emerged the winner. The 4th session by PID Lion Sangeeta Jatia elaborately explained why and how should one improve his/her communication skills. The 5th session after tea was a webinar where they had Leos from Philippines, Germany, Sweden, Italy etc. interacting with them, sharing their experiences and their centennial preparations. Next in the line was Komedy Kahani where the registered team had to perform a short skit. Amongst the laughs and cheers of the audience, once again NIT Rourkela emerged victorious. The session for the day was over but the hosts had organized a DJ party for the participants to which the all members danced whole heartedly.

The last day of the meet began with the Mock United Nations where the topic was ‘Human Rights violation’. After lengthy discussions and situations analysis, the delegates of USA (members from district 322B1) emerged winners. However the best speakers were given to 2 of the members, Leo Shakti Badajena and Leo Sayon Mondal. This was followed by last session of the meet by PID Lion AP Singh where he broke down the Leo pledge into small portions and explained elaborately the meaning and the idea behind each one of them. Then followed the closing ceremony where all were addressed by other Lion dignitaries and awards were distributed to the Leos under different categories. Leo Shakti Badajena was awarded the ‘Leo of the Meet’ award. 

The entire meet was a successful event where the members learnt about the Leo movement, its organization and functioning as well the role of Leos in helping society and bridging the gaps between societies. The LEOs can now proudly say that they have come back more informed, more determined and even more enthusiastic to carry forward the Leo movement.