Going On a Techventure

A battle of Words, Wits and Wisdom that’s exactly what Tech Venture was. Plugged In, the newly formed Electronics based technical club of NITR held their Inaugural Event on Friday, 27th of March. The event witnessed a participation of 14 teams of two which could have been more had it not been a public holiday.

The event was held in LA-117 in the Lecture Annex. Mostly freshman and sophomores were the ones present eager to take part in the events lined up for the afternoon. The Events were as follows:

Treasure Hunt

Dumb Charades

Audio/Visual Quiz

Word Games

The participated students were promised Prize Money and Food Coupons for the In Campus Restaurant – ‘Jo’z’. The whole event was based on Points system with the organizers having the right to deduct as well.

Techventure started off with the Treasure Hunt where the participants were provided with subtle riddles based on Basic Electronics Components.  Like all Treasure Hunts in order to get to the next clue they had to use their minds and solve it. Once they solved it, they would get the location of a Plugged In member who would provide them the next set of riddle and so on. The event lasted for almost an hour.

After a tiring Treasure Hunt, the participants were in for a respite as the next three rounds were indoors. Next up was Dumb Charades where the participants used their wits to enact various electronic devices by one of the Team member while the other one guessed. It was very interesting as the students could not make out what their team member was trying to say which resulted in moments of laughter.

This was followed by the Audio/Video Quiz. The students actively took part in the Quiz which improved their knowledge on Basic Electronics as well as various new Technologies which have come up in the Tech World. The leading teams lost points in this round due to the point deduction rule so everyone was even for the last and final round.

The last round for the afternoon was the Word Game which each team were provided with  an electronic based word and the next team would have to come up with another word related to electronics starting from the last letter of that previous word, As the teams ran out of words, Techventure also came to an end.

The Winners of Techventure :

Naveen Kumar Rai 

Devgen Kumar Singh

Techventure was surely an adventure and the participants thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural event of Plugged In and were keen on participating in the future events as well.