It's Show Time!




In a place like Rourkela where the monotonous routine foodcan be a big turn off for fantic foodies, it can seem that chef’s club comes to the rescue of the  NITR junta.

No doubt about it, food is one of the most important things in one’s life. From spicy rayalseema chicken , pulihora, besan ka ladoo to the ideal panneer and dal are just some of the fare that grace many an Indian table. Foods range from spicy to sweet, colorful and full of flavor. Food is sometimes what makes a person whole. Its year two of Chef’s Club and the club is just progressing well for all culinary likes and levels. Whether a pro in the kitchen, a wee beginner or just a fan of food, chef’s club is for everyone.

The club was started on September 13,2013 by Katkam Srinivas, showcasing food in its true form. As the name suggests, since 2013 the club started conducting various events on cooking under the President-ship of Ankita Bakshi. From celebrating women’s day by conducting a workshop by Chef Michael from Hotel Mayfair to baking cakes just for fun of it, the club has done it all. The club even had a cooking competition called Bon Apetit where participants had to showcase their cooking talent and churn the palates of judges with their food. And it is never a surprise to see a chef’s club stall at any of the fests held in the campus. These chefs’s club stalls never cease to amaze the NITR junta with their delicious food.

Chef’s club recently gave a grand farewell to two of its seniors Ankita Bakshi and senior member Praveen. As Dr. Seuss quotes “ Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened” the club celebrated their success of their events in the first year of the club with an ode their seniors. But even amidst their bidding adieu to their seniors the club never forgot the responsibility of naming their new Chairperson Hemanth Mangena from Mining engineering, treasurer as Raju Marepu from Biotechnology and Medical Engineering, and General secretary Bayyagani Kranthi Kumar also from Mining engineering.

As the club members feel next year the club has gotten a new opportunity in the form of a new chairperson (previously president). The coming academic year will give the club a chance to reimagine the shape as well as the performance of the club. The reality is that the incumbency of the new Chairperson will amount to an automatic return in the next year. Following the glitter and glitz of farewell ceremony, the seniors of the club will have to sever their emotional links with the institute and embrace the true world but the chef’s club promises to come back revitalized and spread its aroma throughout the institute. In the words of the new Chairperson Hemanth “It is nice to see a club promoting various cuisines in a remote area such as Rourkela, given the endless generic restaurants we are used to. Let's hope we fare well in the coming years.” Needless to mention, the future endeavors of chef's club are definitely going to be a treat for the NITR junta.