Bioquiz Choreographed

Society of Engineers for Living Systems (SELS) organised an event, BIOQUIZ on the occasion of tech day. The quiz was intended to foster awareness about biological systems and to give idea about recent technology in healthcare.

The quiz definitely redefined the quizzing standards of the institute. With a colossal zeal, 22 students from different departments took part in the event. The event started at around 11:00 am at LA-114 on 6th September’2014 and continued until nearly 1:00 pm. The quiz was hosted by Mr. Sudeep Sukla, a third year student of Biotechnology and Mr. Siladitya Sahoo, a third year student of Biomedical engineering of NIT Rourkela.

The quiz defined and covered different aspects of biology and related awareness. 11 teams were made with two members in each team. The quiz was initiated by an elimination round in which 25 questions were displayed, each flashing for 30 seconds. Students had to write the answers on a paper which was then evaluated by third years after all 25 questions were over. 8 out of 11 teams were shortlisted for the further rounds. This was followed by the second round which encapsulated questions related to founder scientists and biomedical instruments. 8 questions of varying brackets were put up, one for each team in this round. Then it was time for the picture/video round named: “Watch the Catch” in which videos related to discoveries and medicinal products like Revital, Life Cell etc. were presented and the participants were asked questions related to it. This was followed by the final round of Current Affairs in which participants were judged on their knowledge related to recent biological issues.

Then it was time for the announcement of winners. The heat of the moment was palpating. The members of the winning team were Seemadri Subhadarshini and Swati Mohapatra and that of the runner-up team were Yamini Yogalakshmi and Abinaya Bala. The quiz having dealt with noteworthy aspects of biology related issues and the advancements made in the aforementioned field was amazing and really enlightening.