Counting Stars In Daylight

Amidst the rush and chaos of the tech day, Astro Club of NITR organised a relaxing event for those who loved star gazing. People ask-how could one look at the stars in broad daylight? With the software called “Stellarium”, the club made this possible.

Stellarium is basically a software which helps you view all the stars, planets, constellations and the minute of all objects in the universe with great precision at any time and date you want. Although, the turn-out was less, the voice of the host did not lose its enthusiasm and he managed to put up a really good workshop.

The event started with the host asking everyone to calculate and then enter the latitude and longitude of the place we are in. After entering it, the software made the screen look exactly like how the sky would have looked had we been in that location. There were search options to search the different objects of the universe and locate them according to our location. The software can take us back and in time as well as ahead in the future and give us a look of how the universe would’ve looked then. The host took everyone back in the past to view the “Independence Day” night sky and see how differently the celestial objects were positioned then. Later, everyone searched for their zodiac signs and looked up the different constellations they knew.

Towards the end, the anchors made the participants enter a date and they were taken in for a pleasant surprise as they saw the whole process of solar eclipse take place in front of them. The event ended with a quiz based on what the participants had learnt in the workshop and how well they could make use of the software.

Astro club has more often than not lived upto its standards and never disappointed the “astronomy enthusiasts” in whichever event they present. “Stellarium-ed” managed to keep up this trend and the two hour event was time well spent.