So You Think You Can Win It

The streets were bustling with people, all headed towards SAC. SAC was packed with hyper-energetic all gearing up for TECHDAY- a curtain raiser event for the technical fest¬-INNOVISION.

One of the most exhilarating event of the day the “MINUTE TO WIN IT” event organised by the Axiom club. It was an all-day long fun event, where by the contestant is given a challenge which had to be finished in a minute. All the registered contestants, had to initially participate in a Rapid Fire round, and they were allotted points depending on number of correct answers given. The contestant could challenge the house or other contestant with his points, to win more points. Even the wrath of rain didn’t stop the event from happening. Initially, it was scheduled to be held in SAC, later shifted beside BBA due to rain. The event began around 10 in the morning, and was stretched until evening 5, with lot of participants queued to give their best shot. Around 60 teams consisting two members each had participated in the event, make it the day’s most successful event.

The event consisted of various challenges. Some of them were:

1.3 litre water challenge: The two contestants had to finish 3 litre water in minute with only one try for each contestant.

2.Gambit throw: One contestant had to throw the card, and the other contestant had to catch it.

3.Candle eraser: The first contestant had to light the candle and the second contestant had to put it off with his finger.

4.Juggle them up: The contestant had to juggle three balls at a time.

5.Pong race: The contestant had to hit cups filled with water with a ball and the other contestant had to retrieve the ball and pass it back. 

Each event was allotted points depending on their difficulty. The contestants had to bet their points which they won in the initial rapid fire round. They could either challenge the house or they can challenge the other team. The team with highest number of points by the end of the day emerged victorious. There event continued till 5, with more contestants turning up. The winners of the event were Naresh and Pavan of second year. There was a large ecstatic crowd cheering up the contestants.

Team MM congratulates the Axiom club on their event's success, and hopes that they will make an even more successful event in the upcoming technical fest.