CEC's Annual Event: Genio-di-Avventura 2.0

With an overwhelming success in the first edition of the event Genio-di-Avventura, CEC club of NITR returns with much bigger and grander second edition of Genio-di-Avventura. A mind-boggling event on a moderate afternoon, coupled with a participation of 180-odd students aiming for the ultimate prize money worth Rs.12000, surely gave justice to the caption “GENIO-di-AVVENTURA”.

The event packed with checkpoints, wit-hurdles, riddles and over 3 kilometres distance to cover was certainly a lot to ask for, but the adrenaline rush did its job. From the first checkpoint itself, the poor coordinators and volunteers found themselves in a fierce encounter with the 67 teams in a ‘ready to kill’ mood, pushed and literally smothered to some extent by the unruly mob. The students have to answer question from one of the three difficulty levels, of their choice. The clearance at the first checkpoint saw a sigh of relief, but only for a moment, as the volunteers at the 2nd checkpoint were not to be spared yet. The ghost of poor co-ordination seemed to continually haunt the event organisers. In spite of all the odds against them, the organisers made sure the event proceeded smoothly

Adrenaline-induced sprints and mental workouts induced from the same source saw the first 5 teams, who were supposed to qualify for the third phase in the railway station area, reach the last checkpoint of second phase with just an hour on the clock. But the CEC team decided to give 5 more teams a chance to run for ultimate glory. At the crowded station area the onlookers mistook the sprints for a mini bout. Finally the team consisting Tanmaya Pattnaik and Subharanjan Jena from GCE, Keonjhar found themselves in a frenzy after clinching the winner’s position. What started as a journey of around 180-odd participants, was scaled down stage wise to 65, then 25 and finally with 2 participants emerging as victors.

Team MM congratulates the members of CEC club for organising such a successful event.