School Science Exhibition: Aspiring Ideas

With the Innovision ‘14 coming to an end, you could see clusters of schools children coming out with smiles from the NCC ground. They would probably spend their next few days and nights, being proud to be a part of this technical fest.

First time ever, a school exhibition was organised as part of the Innovision. The co-ordinators initially wanted to allow only students from grade 8th to 12th to display their exhibits, but calls poured in from parents asking children as young as 6th graders, saying that they are up for the task. Even though this is the first time a school science exhibition had been organised, the students fared past the expectations of the organisers. 

The students enthusiastically set up their projects in the stall at NCC grounds by 10:30. Around 45 schools had registered for the event and 40 schools showed up with the project. Some schools arrived at the spot without registering, organisers handled the situation to the best of their capabilities and the adjustments were accordingly made to accommodate as many students as possible. 

The students were zealous to explain the concept of their project to every passing onlooker. The projects ranged from a simple classic volcano science project to wireless electricity model and normally ejected hydro acceleration model. The students displayed intellect and judgement way past their age in building these models.

Lots of college students turned up at the exhibition only to be awed by the display of the school kid’s brilliance. The school kids used their wit in answering the never ending questions from the onlookers. 3 judges graded the projects in various aspects like innovation, design and based on the marks, winners were declared. The first place was won by S.Ananya and Manisha Jena for their solar-air conditioner project.

Some of the other projects worth mentioning were: 

(i)Irrigation through mobile- The user had to make a phone call to start or stop the water irrigation. Though the model was simple it would be effective in saving a lot of resources.

(ii)Normally Ejected Hydro Acceleration: This project stands out from the rest of the projects. It was a 5 feet plastic bottle rocket, which was launched with help of water pressure.

TEAM MM applauds the organisers of technical fest for a job well done, and making the school children an integral part of INNOVION ’14.