With a Bang: Grenade Workshop

A first of its kind workshop organised by Ordinance club of NITR. It was a sequel to the smoke screen conducted during the tech day, but this event had even more participation and a bigger bang.

This was a grenade making workshop-cum-competition, where in the participants were given the required prerequisites for grenade making and then judged on its implementation and success of the grenade.

The event, held at MB-103, started at around 10 am with about 20 teams with two participants in each team. Firstly, the participants were explained about the hand grenade and given a first-hand knowledge of the basic parts of a grenade.

Firstly each of the participants were made to build the fuse along with a pin. Each of them was given a small tube shaped metal pipe with hole, which was then cut into a smaller piece, fitted with a screw and spring to act a fuse. Then phosphorous was used as an igniting material to ignite the blast once the pin is removed. The spring action is used to generate the spark which leads to a blast.

The then body of the grenade was built using a small tin with a hole on the top. And then the fuse was connected to the main body. Finally the body is filled with a filler that is an explosive material. Each team worked at the best of their capabilities to build a successful grenade. The workshop had lasted almost around 4 hours. In the end only couple of them managed to build a perfect grenade. Shisu Shanker Muni from NITR stood first, and Abhinandan Patnaik also from NITR stood second in the grenade workshop.

There were some hassles and technical difficulties in the beginning, but the event went on smoothly and it was a practical learning experience for all the participants. Team MM congratulates the Ordinance Club members for organising a successful workshop.