Bend it like a Robot

For all those who have long fancied a world run completely by robots, event “Aqua Soccer” might be the closest one can get to such a display of human brilliance. With something new and out of the box, this event was introduced for the first time. A tribute to the beautiful game of football, the event was technically renovated keeping in mind the demands of the crowd.

A total of 17 teams participated in this event with most of the participation from outside of the institute. The whole event was divided into 3 rounds- knock outs, semi final and finals. A trial run of 2 minutes was provided to test the smooth traversal of the bot.  In the knock out rounds, the bots were tested on their skill of navigation and control, which was very similar to penalty shootout rounds. 

The top 4 teams entered the semi final round for a faceoff.  Each match involved two teams competing with each other to reach the top of the pyramid in a time constrained mission. From a quiet event commencing in a silent corner of SAC, it was the face off round which got the crowd into the mood of frenzy and hysteria. Participants were seen doing last minute fine tuning to ensure that their bots performed smoothly. Such was the intensity that some were keenly watching the robots designed by their competitors to adjust their product to make it better than others. Football crazy crowd of NITR gathered near the arena to cheer the competing teams, deserting all other events in the process. Team “Robo- Psycho” defeated team “Bang Bang” by a decent margin to emerge as the winner. With a successful edition first year, the event is expected to have its second edition the next year.