Jail and Bail

Tech Fest is basically conducted with an idea to promote tech savvy individuals. Also one can’t run away from the fact that a tech fest cannot be conducted with just technical. It’s the fun events that bring maximum involvement from the crowd. One such event was Jail and Bail which was conducted by the Axiom Club of NIT Rourkela.

The event was scheduled at 9:30 AM. However the event got rescheduled due to the guest lecture by Anupama Jha and the event started only after 12.  The delay in the event may have acted as a blessing in disguise as with the long delay the number of registrations turned out to be huge. A total of 105 teams of 2 registered for the event. With such a huge participation from the crowd organising the event became slightly difficult, however the coordinators pulled off the event.

The event was for a team of two people. The event was so planned that every team has to solve a Sudoku Puzzle first which helps you gain some points to perform various tasks. The various tasks after the Sudoku tasks were 3 litre water challenge, pong race, Gambit’s Challenge, Bull’s Eye, Biscuit Challenge and each event had extra points. Any task could be taken by choice by placing a bet of the number of points that a task is worth of. If the task is completed successfully then the points is just doubled. This way the points can be increased and the team with the maximum is titled as winner. The same procedure of event was conducted in both the rounds.

The event went on for the whole evening. In the end the team that emerged as winners was that of V Anirudh and C Sandeep and the Runners up Team was that of Warsha Barde and Priyanshu. The event was undoubtedly a huge success in terms of participation. Also the fun events planned as tasks kept the participants entertained. Team MM congratulates the organisers of the event for their success.