The Deadly Quest

A plethora of colored switches, buzz of motors, spine chilling blaze, and an enthusiastic crowd greeted one another at the flagship event of Cyborg, Death Race 3.0.

The entire arena consists of abrasive incline, grueling terrain, petrifying flame, rotating bridge and obstacles like sand and water preventing the teams from completing the race. The competing teams were supposed to make bots to survive the race as the coordinators made it very clear from the beginning that they are not responsible for any damage caused during the event.

A total of 34 teams participated in the event. The event was divided into two rounds with the top 13 teams qualifying for the final round. The preliminary round was held on Saturday. With the all the events being halted for the guest lecture of Anupama Jha at BBA, the event got delayed for approximately two hours. Audience participation seemed pretty flimsy in the beginning but grew and peaked as the performance captured the audience imagination. The crowd was electric and demanded more fire for the traversing bots.

A trial run of 2 minutes was provided to all the participants to test the prototype and getting familiar with the track. The final round began in the later half on Sunday. In the final round, the length of track was increased and more gruesome fire was introduced. With tremendous response from the spectators for more fire, Cyborgians did not disappoint the crowd and sprayed kerosene with zest and gusto.

But the coordinators were discontented with the arrangements of the fest’s technical team. The microphone provided was faulty and they ended up yelling around SAC looking for absent teams. With some of the fine performances from the competing teams, team “Bhilai Paltan 2.0” emerged as the winner and “Bhilai Paltan 1.0” ended up as Runners-Up. A perfect end to the final day of fest, Death Race lived upto its repute of being one of the crowd pullers of Innovision.