Quiz Fiesta

Although no quizzes were organised by any of the quiz clubs, the whole of tech fest passing without a single quiz was just a bit too much to think of. Hence, many other clubs came up with a lot of exciting set of questions to satisfy the thirst of the quiz lovers. In the end the fest held a total of 4 quizzes which include Auto Quiz, Logogenie, Biz Quiz and Quiz Zen.

The first of them being Auto Quiz by SAE was made quite easy by the quiz masters Swarup Subudhhi and Sarthak Rout by providing options for many of the questions. It helped to bring much more interest among the participants as the options helped them to get closer to the answer. The participation was around 30. However, the final round was not that easy. This was a unique attempt and fetched all of them who had interest in automobiles and especially the mechanical engineers.

Coming to the next is the Logogenie, the logo quiz organised by the ID department students. This was another unique attempt in this year’s tech fest. The participants had to identify the logos of the various companies that were showed to them. However, lack of proper knowledge of quizzing was clearly visible. Each question was there on the screen for just 10 seconds and the participation was also made individual, which was quite out of the box. However, there was great enthusiasm among many including students from outside NITR to take part in it. The strength that attended the quiz was about 50.

Quiz –zen by Cognizen club was the last one of them. This quiz was based on politics and some of the questions were related to current affairs. This seemed to be the landmark quiz of this year’s tech fest and a huge group of students participated in it, the count will be around 70. However some of the questions dismayed the quizzers, most of them were exciting and enthralling and imparted some knowledge to all. Without any hesitation, it can be tagged as one of the best quizzes in Innovision’14.

The culture of quizzing appears to have been rekindled in NITR and team MM hopes that the spirit of quizzing remains alive among the NITRians in the future as well.