Innovision ’14 in a Nutshell

Something was different about NITR in the last few days. For the whole length of a week, it seemed as if the campus was waiting, waiting to burst, filled to the brim and ready to overflow.

People were seen scratching their heads in silent murmur, unable to decide as posters spilled over notice boards, banners and flexes beseeched attention all along the roads in the institute and everything was abuzz. Blanket covered nights transformed into endless hours of brainstorming at SAC, which became a temporary haven for quite a few as they braved long hours and chilly nights. NITR was counting down with bated breath.

Innovision was here again!

Day 1 :

The fest commenced with the inaugural ceremony at Bhubneswar Behera Auditorium. Lighting of the ceremonial lamp was followed by inaugural speeches by the president and vice president of SAC, dean of student welfare, and the vice president and general convener of SAC.

The string of speeches was followed by an enthralling SPIC MACAY feat by Padmashree awardee Ranjana Gauhar along with her distinguished cohorts. They charmed the audience with graceful moves of Odissi, alluring footwork of Kathak, elegance of Mohiniattam and poise of Kuchipudi. Up next the much awaited guest lecture by youth icon Mr. Varun Agarwal was showered in with hoots and applauses. He narrated his journey from a failing engineering student to a millionaire, talking about his production company ‘Last Minute Films’ and e-commerce retail company ‘Alma Mater’, inspiring the budding engineers to follow their dreams, work hard and give up caring about what the society might think of them.

On the occasion of ‘Rashtriya Ekta Divas’ a faction of scholars came up with ‘ladai jari hai’ a street play on social issues to commemorate this day. But it was sad to watch people leave the auditorium during their act. We should be more sensitive and compassionate towards our brethren and be willing to spare five minutes to encourage them. As soon as the crowds bustled out of BBA, the flash mob began on the BBA lawns, with the participants shaking a leg to peppy numbers from Bollywood and Tollywood. The flash mob faced some hiccups owing to the officials who turned off the music system. But, all is well that end well and the event was immensely successful and was enjoyed by one and all.

Day 2 :

On Saturday NITR woke up on a cool, clear morning with the participants flocking into LA and SAC. The registration desk was thronged with people enquiring about various events and registering themselves. The loud speakers blared out announcements at the help desks with more and more participants turning up for the events as the day progressed. With the major portion of 60 odd events scheduled for Saturday, it was supposed to be the most important and at the same time the most hectic day of the fest filled with hustle-bustle. The day kicked off with the guest lecture by Emanuele Nicosia followed by the workshop on ‘Automotive Design and Sketching’ which garnered a multitude of students. The robotics events were concentrated at SAC. Events like Death Race III, Aqua Soccer and Tread-o-quest II started their trial runs. The guest lecture by Anupama Jha, a regional consultant for Trace International, commenced at BBA. To prevent the clashing of events with the guest lectures, events were suspended for two hours.

Mystery trail 2.0 tested the participants on the basis of their skills of cognition, logic and common sense through multiple rounds involving logical hurdles, rapid fires, and face offs.The two day workshop on ‘Automotive Design and Sketching’ in association with MechJunction was attended by more than two hundred lucky participants who did not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity of working with a professional of his stature. Conceivia targeted budding entrepreneurs providing them a platform to present their business acumen. The Hand Grenade Workshop, the first of its kind saw the participation of curious minds wishing to educate themselves on ordnance. Jail and bail tested both brain and brawn of a team of participants. With a flavour of maths, the event was a magnet for the crowds. Kill to hunt was an ultimate treasure hunt with a touch of technical know-how, keeping the participants busy and wanting for more.

Afternoon witnessed the robotics events begin in true earnest. While Aqua soccer posed the teams to navigate their fabricated bots with utmost accuracy through the waters to score goals, Death Race III pitted teams in a gruelling event with rough terrain, mud and sand pits, rotating platforms and even fire obstacles. Cosmos 3D was a novel try to depict space in 3D and was appreciated by one and all. The much hyped NITR PD 4.0 saw the participation of more than 35 teams from across the country.

The DJ Nite was the high point of the evening with a huge crowd gathering at the DTS to wash away the tiredness and revitalise themselves after the long and hectic day. Dancing away to the music seems to have brought together the guests and hosts alike in a manner that was quite unique.

Day 3:

Sunday was off to a slow start on a cool and foggy morning, with the participants slowly trickling into LA and SAC. Fewer events were scheduled for day 3 and the events were supposed to end before 5:30 to facilitate the distribution of mementoes and certificates. The workshops on Automotive designing and sketching, PCB designing and iCell Robotix continued on the second day. One of the new ideas that came through in a big way in this Innovision was the organization of a science exhibition for school students. It seems that we have a lot to learn from these young ones who were second to none in their ideas, originality, gusto and the thirst for knowledge.

The quarters, semi-finals and the final rounds of the NITR PD 4.0 were held on Sunday. With the two daylong event coming to a close the organizers sent up a silent cheer on a grand success. Bizquiz and Quiz-zen saw the participation of the quiz-savvy masses as they tried satiate their thirst for knowledge. The Intelligent Trader was an event that provided the students an insight of what happens in the stock marketplace. It tested the buying, selling and bargaining skills of a contestant and the ability to make swift decisions. Tread-o-Quest, was a competition for line follower bots with the criteria of making it across the track in the shortest possible time. The final rounds for Death Race III and Aqua Soccer drew huge crowds, especially Death Race with its fire hurdles. Egg’eChute saw participants creating their own egg container which were parachuted from the top floor of LA and the ones who made the largest distance without breaking their eggs won.

Team MM caught up with students from other institutes and gathered their opinions about the various aspects of Innovision’14. Here’s what they had to say:

CET Bhubaneswar:

Accommodation: 6/10

Organization and quality of fest: 8/10

While the students from CET were impressed with the campus and infrastructure, and appreciated the enthusiasm and co-operation of the volunteers and organizers, they had complaints regarding some specific issues. The accommodation was not upto the mark, there were rats and dogs in the girls hostel which much to their amusements did not bother the boarders of the hostel. The timing clashes and delays were also a big issue with them.

VSSUT, Burla:

Accommodation: 7/10

Organisation and quality of fest: 8/10

The campus along with the guest lecture by Varun Aggarwal and the flash mob were the best things about Innovision for the students from VSSUT. The students who were accommodated in the married students’ hall complained that they were not given blankets and they faced problems in getting their mobiles and laptops charged as well. Some of them had to pay for the food and on being queried the people at the help desk could not help them out with the details of the events.

ITER, Bhubaneswar:

Accommodation: 8/10

Organization and quality of fest: 10/10

The organization according to the participants from ITER was perfectly done and they faced no problems in finding their way around the campus and enjoyed the events. While the boys did not face any problems in their accommodation, the girls complained of a lack in sanitation in the bathrooms and toilets and a persistent water problem in the girls’ hostel.

Many new concepts and ideas came to the fore, the best of them being the Ames Room, the Scary House, and school students’ science exhibition. The Emanuele Nicosia workshop was a highlight of the fest with a personality of such calibre and stature tutored the students in our campus. The decorations were innovative this time, with intricate designs and artwork, interesting factoids, and depictions of recent developments in technological arena, all of them handmade, were put up on display all over the campus premises. The organisational setup was appreciable, with the volunteers and coordinators working day in and out to put their best foot forward in making this a success. All the visitors appreciated their cooperation and enthusiasm.

But, nothing is perfect. The same goes for these fests which we so passionately organise every year. Timing clashes and delays of the events were a major shortcoming faced by the participants. Accommodation issues like non-availability of charging points, water shortage in the hostels, absence of blankets provided to the students, sanitation and hygiene discrepancies were some the avoidable instances which would have added another star to the fest had we prevented them.

With more than 60 events organised in the span of two days, Team MM congratulates the organisers of Innovision ’14 for a job well done and hopes to see amendments next time to overcome these drawbacks.