Unraveling the Mystery: Mystery Trail 2.0

The Axiom, mathematics club of NIT Rourkela, usually known for its innovative and exciting treasure hunts and fun events came back with the second edition of Mystery Trail.

With the new edition there was expectation for something more exciting and brain testing and the crowd that showed up did seem to have its share of fun and excitement.

The event started at 10:00 AM in LA 004 with a total of 23 teams of either 2 or 3 members registered for the event. The first round was an elimination round in the form of a written quiz, a set of brain teasers to check the logical and Quantitative Aptitude, for all. Out 23 teams 11 teams were eliminated in the first round.

The second was a Face off Round consisting of 3 task sub rounds and each team was scored in each sub round. One of the tasks in this round was a Memory Test where a set of information was displayed in front of a team and then the team was asked to memorize and write the same within a stipulated time. Then was a round that involved decoding of card tricks. A card trick was shown by the organisers and the team had to guess the trick used by them. This sub round turned out to be a quiet interesting one. The most difficult of them all was the Matchstick puzzle where three matchstick puzzles were put forward to the teams and they had to make a different pattern or orientation by moving from one to three matchsticks.

Scores of the three sub rounds and first round score were added to select the top teams for third round. The final round of the mystery trail was the Race Round. 7 teams of the 12 made it to the final round. This round involved some actual mystery solving where each team had to reach three checkpoints and trade points to buy clue cards. Each clue cards had a maths related puzzle or code and a clue to reach the next checkpoint. The team which completed the trial and solved the mystery was named winners.

There was a tie between two teams at the end of the third round. Team Zenith and Team Cold Players shared the first position. Overall the event turned out to be a success with decent participation and some brain storming tasks. Team MM congratulates the coordinators for their efforts.