Making the Best out of Waste

Rotaract Club of NITR has always been known for innovating new ways to spread social messages across the masses. Recently, it organized a competition called ‘Kabaad-se-Jugaad’, an amusing event just prior to the start of Innovision ’14. Carrying the tagline, ‘Where trash comes handy’, the initiative aimed at intriguing the participants and bringing out their creative and innovative elements. 

Tasked to craft an object out of their imagination from the provided materials, such as bottles, cardboard boxes, paper, plastic cups and many other objects considered as trash, the contestants displayed brilliant zest and came up with some fascinating ideas. The event witnessed the participation of a copious number of curious students who attended to discover their creative bent of mind. 

Some of the remarkable creations that grabbed everyone’s eyeballs were an intricate shoe made of cardboard and plastics, a house made entirely of cardboard, a photo frame made from plastic, an artistic pen stand made of paper and cardboard, and many other constructive items. 

The group that created the shoe was declared the winners of this nail-biting competition. The runner- up was the creator of the house made of cardboard. All the winners were rewarded with goodie bags. 

Team MM hopes to see many such activities conducted by this unique club and wishes them luck for their future endeavors.