A Fest for the CEST

By God’s grace or something else, CEST (Civil Engineering Student’s Technical) Club was one of the very few clubs to grab the opportunity of hosting 4 events in this year’s techfest, Innovision ’14. And at the end of the day, one would not hesitate to give a pass certificate regarding the high success of quite many of them.

It all started in a mess in day-2 for them but they geared up to provide with some mind blowing events in the final day of the festival. Starting with Kill to Hunt (treasure hunt type game); it was scheduled in SAC at 10 am in the morning but got postponed for 2 hours owing to the guest lectures that were going on BBA at the same time. A participation of more than 80 during the tech day on a similar kind of event by the same club ensured a grand participation during the tech fest and the expectation was met when more than 50 teams consisting of more than 150 participants registered for the event.

However mismanagement ruled the event in the beginning. Addressing a crowd 0f 150 in the open air SAC gallery without a microphone was a herculean task for the organisers and it was indeed tough for the participants to listen properly too. On top of that the rude behaviour left many in dismay and that many includes the participants from other institutes as well. In the first round, the job was to match the pictures of various places with their names and cities kept in various boxes in30 seconds. However, the poor quality of black and white pictures and the period of just 30 seconds hardly left anyone to pass a comment. The event suddenly faced a sudden fall in the number of teams in the second round.

Reverse Engineering, an event where one was expected to model in Solid Works or Catia, was one of the toughest events in this year’s fest and rightly so, when it fetched only 16 participants. But these 16 were forced to give up the challenge when the event got cancelled due to some problem in room/lab. booking.

However, the second day showed them the path towards the top, when Bridge Design Challenge, one of the hardcore civil engineering event, became successful. Participated by 21 teams consisting of more than 60 members, they were expected to make movable bridges with wood and ply woods that were provided to them.

They were on a roll with Sustainable Cityscape too getting success. 14 teams with around 30 participants, the problem was to design the plan of a sustainable city on a piece of thermocol.

The exhibition of Ames Room was reportedly postponed from Friday to Saturday and ultimately got its start on Sunday. However, if you think, the later the better, it’s an perfect example of it. It became a grand success when around 400 people visited the place just to have a look at it including professors. This project is undertaken in NITR for the first time. Even, a proposal has been given to permanently keep it

An Ames room is a distorted room that is used to create an optical illusion. Likely influenced by the writings of Hermann Helmholtz, it was invented by American ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames, Jr. in 1934, and constructed in the following year.

Team MM wishes all the very best in making their future projects a great success.