While the rest of the technocrats who had come to witness the largest techno-management fest of Odisha, the techfest of NIT Rourkela, Innovision’14, there were multiple battles being fought in the various floors and rooms of the Lecture Assembly. A war of words is still a war. The 4th NITR Parliamentary Debate was going on full-fledged with warriors from various institutions of India turning up in large numbers to stick to their ground, stand by their views and negate those of the others around.

 The PD Finals 

The Chief Adjudicator who held on to the reins over the proceedings of this Open-Varsity Asian format parliamentary debate was Jagat Sohail, a well-established personality in the Indian debating scenario, hailing from the Delhi circuit. This flagship event of the techfest conducted by Clarion, the literary and debating society of NIT Rourkela, saw 28 teams (including the in-house swing team) fighting it out comprising participants from IIT Kharagpur, CNLU Patna, NLU-Vizag, KIIT School of Law, Jadavpur University and so on. There was a total participation of 124 people (including the in-house adjudicators and in-house team members) with LA resounding and reverberating in the footsteps of the organizers and the voices of the avid debaters of the nation. In every such room it was like a battle which was being fought with each debater purging out whatever he/she has to say to the opponent for 7 minutes 20 seconds (standard time limit to each speaker). The winners were an IIT Kharagpur team calling themselves “IIT Kgp Substitutes” consisting of Manav Garg, Suprad Reddy and Sudeshna Trilok. The best adjudicators of the tournament were Naitik Jain from IIT Kharagpur, Shuvzit Behera from KIIT School of Law and Janmejay Singh from CNLU. 

The Winning Team

Most of the guests had cited that this was a great experience for first timers. Though quite a few complained about the long distances they had to travel from the accommodation and LA area to the North Block guest house for their meals.  The level of debates in the initial rounds (pre-break) could have been better had there been a better pool of adjudicators, as said by a member of the IIT Kharagpur contingent. Ankush from Jadavpur University was heard saying that this was by far the best tournament in the debating sphere that he’s been in with special regards to the hospitality of the Clarion members. Yashwant from CNLU adds a funny note when he says that:

The NITR people reciprocated the same hospitality that we had furnished them with. The organization was pretty smooth. 

In comparison with last year, the NITR junta was allowed to sit and watch debates if he/she wished to. 

The former President of Clarion had just one thing to say to the Organizing Committee:

Kudos to them for organizing the best and most successful PD in the history of NITR. The founders would have been proud. I hope that the next year’s PD can overcome the benchmark set by this year’s edition.

The organizing committee

Team Monday Morning congratulates the entire organizing committee of Clarion members for making The NITR P.D. 4.0 a success and for raising the bar every year, albeit a few glitches, since its inception.