An Unplugged Musical Night

On the lawns in front of LA, Heartbeats, the official contemporary fusion band of NIT Rourkela, presented an unplugged musical narrative concert named “Maktub” which means “it’s written” in Arabic. The dimly lit lawn along with the moonlight shining down on the audience created a perfect ambience. Albeit not being a flagship event, the event managed to draw a huge crowd and left everybody wanting more. The band had some songs lined up through which they wanted to depict a story of love.

This unplugged night was a dream project of the band which they turned into reality on the first night of NITRUTSAV. The show started with the senior most member of the band, Ankesh Anand, starting the show with a beautiful Bollywood romantic number. It was followed by all the lead singers of the band performing one song each, expressing the different phases of love. A lot of versatility in the songs performed by the singers, ranging from Nepali song to semi classical numbers was witnessed. The band also performed with two new faces who, although not a part of the band, and managed to put up a brilliant performance with utter confidence. The crowd was seen swaying to the songs sung by each one of the singers and the atmosphere growing more and more welcoming as the night advanced. 

Towards the end, the lawns as well as the BM/BT rooftop were flooded with people, thus establishing the night to be a huge success for the band as well as for NITRUTSAV. The night ended with an enthralling instrumental piece performed by the band leaving the audience with goosebumps. The band received a standing ovation by the audience after the event got over and were congratulated by Prof. K.C Pati and V.P Sushmita Ma’am later. This pro-show was a prelude to what was going to happen in the next two days of NU 2k15.

Team MM congratulates the band for this achievement and hopes to see more mesmerising performances in the days to come.