The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

― Socrates

But there is no harm in learning. Probably this is the message that the two quiz shows would like to communicate to the NITR junta and a few visitors of NITRUTSAV 2015. Inquizzitive and Episteme, the two quiz clubs of NITR worked hard day in and day out to organise two fantastic quizzes of the fest, Biz-Tech Quiz (related to business and technology) and Gen-Quiz (a general quiz), by bringing a quiz master from Bangalore, Mr. Sachin Ravi, who is also the co-founder Walnut Knowledge Solutions.

Scheduled to start at 9 am in the morning, a dismaying participation of just 6 teams for the Biz-Tech Quiz forced the organisers to wait for a little more 2 hours and even then the participation reached just about 10 teams ultimately starting the show at 11 am. The top 6 teams from the preliminary round were selected to compete in the finals. The event ended at 2 pm in the afternoon.

Leaving behind all predictions and the quintessence of every NITR quiz, it fetched an overwhelming participation of 27 teams, around 80 participants. Obstacles seemed to fall in love with the quiz that day. The unavailability of the microphone and speakers delayed the start by one hour keeping the enthusiastic audience seated in their place. After a huge tussle with the NU committee, things were arranged and an exciting session followed thereafter. Unanswered questions proceeded by a thunderous round of claps when the answer is being revealed by the quizmaster is every quizmaster’s dream. And there were many such incidents during this event. Although the winners and runners up for both the quizzes turned out to be the same team; Winner: Wasim Sajjad, Debashish Pradhan, Prathamesh Dash Runners Up: Debarghya Chakraborty, Chinmaya Dehury, Kallul Hazarika; it was an enriching experience for all present there.

A short interview of the quizmaster, Mr. Sachin Ravi was taken.

Excerpts from the interview.

MM: Tell us something about yourself.

SR: I am a lawyer by profession. I did my schooling in Bangalore. After that I went to Symbiosis law School, Pune for 5 years. I worked at ICICI Bank as the legal manager for one year. While in school, I was an ardent quizzer and travelled a lot because of quizzing. So, in college, along with Raghav Chakravarthy, we decided to do something other than the regular activities, something more with quizzing, why not a career out of that. So we formed the organisation called Walnut Knowledge Solutions. That was put on hold for a year. Ultimately, in July last year, I quit my job in ICICI. Now I am giving my full time in this.

MM: What motivated you to move on with this profession of quizzing leaving the job at ICICI and leading a less secured life?

SR: Any corporate job would have been a very steady job. Now, it’s a challenge; financially as well. But at the end of the day, you have to live up to what you sign up for. Financially, it might not be rewarding, but mentally and professionally, it is a lot more gratifying to earn something in way for which I have a passion.

MM: How was your experience hosting a quiz in NITR for the first time?

SR: My honest feeling was that, I had a great time. I felt the participation could have been a bit better in the Biz-Tech quiz. Another point is that, most of the teams were from NITR only. It would have better if you could have found out ways to rope in teams from other institutes as well. I feel that the event should have been started in time. Delaying the event by 2 hours could have been a issue with quizmasters from outside though I had no problem with it.

MM: Share some of your experience about NITR and the place.

SR: I am very happy to come here. I loved the campus. Yesterday, I went outside. Even the city of Rourkela is very clean. And I would love to come back here in future as well.