Corporate Checks!

Business is no child’s play. Therefore, to introduce you to the world of businesses, ISM 2k15 presented Business Checkers. 

An open air quiz to test the business acumen of the participants organised by the Grapevine Club, the event was a success with a large crowd eager to test themselves. Participants had to tease their brain to solve different riddles related to business, in order to move through checkpoints in a checker board.

The first round featured a quiz, and each group were given a picture of one of the known and high profile businessperson and the participants had to identify the person, company name and tagline of the business from a bunch of paper chits in a box. The ones who cleared the round quickest, qualified for the next round and a total of 5 group qualified for the 2nd round.

The second round had a checker board and dice. It started with a question, answered by the groups. The team giving the correct answer was allowed to throw the dice and the game on the checker board began. With lots of surprises and hidden gifts, the game continued.  

The event was a success, with a participation of more than 35 participants.