Deploying the Emulation - ELASTIC POWERED AIRPLANE

Nearly everyone must have enjoyed bombastic airplane games in his or her childhood. The Society of Automotive Engineers ‘chapter in NIT Rourkela added ‘mechanical essence’ to the plane and hence conjuring life into it.

Named as ELASTIC POWERED AIRPLANE, the event was organized on the second day of the mega international festival in NCC ground at 1000 hours.

As many as five teams showed up for participation in the event which involved designing and constructing a rubber powered air plane using the provided materials. Ultimately the time of flight was kept as the deciding factor.

There were total two rounds the first of which emphasized on designing of the plane where the following principle had to be kept in mind. The elastic potential energy of the rubber band converts into the rotational energy of the rotor blade of the plane. The real test was the second round in which the time of flight was measured.

Both the top two positions were bagged by NIT Rourkela teams. The winner team was led by the Surya Narayan and the runners-up leader was Kunal Biswal.

According to one of the coordinators, Abhijeet Prusty, the SAE event was a success and might see light in the future fests too.