Modern Treasure Hunting: The Trans Hunt

Trans-Hunt was yet another out-of-the-box treasure hunting event of ISM 2k15. The event started at SAC and was spread throughout the campus.

The event was interesting in its own right, but sadly, failed to be crowd pulling. The event had a low turnout of just 9 teams with 3-5 members per team.

The teams were supposed to figure out the exact location of three transmitters hidden throughout the campus using the FM Radio of mobile. In order to find the transmitter, the teams needed two parameters, first is the frequency at which the transmitter is operating and then an approximate location of the transmitter. In order to the get frequency of the transmitter, the participants were supposed to solve an aptitude question. Now that they have the frequency, they had given hints leading to an approximate position of the transmitter.

And finally, the team members tuned their FM Radio to their obtained frequency from the aptitude question and search for the transmitter in the approximate area. The transmitter had a radius of 3-5m. When the participants approached the transmitter with their earphones plugged, they heard a sound which got sharper as they went closer. The team which found the transmitter first was declared the winner.