The Pirate's Treasure

One of the most exciting treasure hunting event of ISM 2k15 was “The Young Pirate” conducted by the ‘Young Indians’ club. This was one of the first events on the second day of ISM 2k15.

The event began at the SAC with 21 teams, with three in each team taking part in the event. The event consisted of three rounds. The first round was a scavenger hunt. The participants were asked to perform various tasks like a picture of team member watering a plant or to bring specific objects like foreign currency.

Of the 21 teams that took part in the first only top five teams proceed to the second round. The second round was treasure hunt. Hints were placed across the campus with one hint leading to the next one. All the hints that were collected had to be combined together to get a bigger picture – the final clue.

The final clue was a specific topic, which was a different for each of the 5 teams. Each team had to speak on the topic they obtained by collecting the hints in the second round. The final winner of the event was judged based on their speaking skills and relevance of information to the topic. In the end, as the exciting journey of the young pirates came to an end, there was one winner and two runner up teams.