Celebrating the Woman: Culinary Workshop by Chef Michael

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the Chef’s Club decided to honour the women of the campus by organizing a cooking workshop. The workshop was conducted by Chef Michael from Mayfair Hotels and Resorts, Rourkela.

The workshop was a daylong event at Rajendra Mishra Exhibition Hall and was attended by faculty and students alike. The people present got to learn several valuable gems of knowledge of cooking from one the most-sought-after chefs of the state. Chef Michael shared several secrets of dishes ranging from the local Machha Munda Chhecha (Crumbled Fish head), Manji Bara (Pan Fried Fish egg dumpling) and Chhatu Bara (Local mushroom dumpling), to the Italian cuisines of Semolina Cheesecake with creamy Paprika sauce & Aubergine Lasagne with roasted pumpkin and beetroot Alfredo. The colourful and delicious palate was rounded off with unique desserts:Onion kheer and Chocolate gol gappa with apple cranberry sauce.

Team MM has a tete-a-tete with Chef Michael about the workshop:

MM: How do you think the art of cooking has taken a centre-stage?

Chef Michael: I think, nowadays, people are living for food. Good food at good restaurants have become a norm. People now are eating at home, but eating out has also increased quite a lot. Food industry has grown a lot in the country. In fact, it is now playing a major role in all the parts of the world.

MM: Generally the part of cooking for the family is taken up by the women in the household. But, very few take it up professionally. What is your opinion on this?

Chef Michael: Well, nowadays, they are coming out of that norm and I have seen many women in the industry. They are some of the most talented people. I know a lady, Chef R P Kapoor, who is one of the best in sugar-trapped desserts, in India. I have so many girls working under my guidance.

MM: What is your signature dish?

Chef Michael: I specialize in European cuisine. My signature dish would be Baked Crab, served in shell. I do make vegetarian dishes as well, but non-vegetarian dishes take up a major share.

MM: Any secret that you would like to share, to make a dish wonderful?

Chef Michael: To make a dish wonderful, you need to give your heart and soul into it. Then only your dishes will get wonderful.

I would like to extend my thanks to the members of Chef’s Club, who have organized this workshop. It is nice to see so many people enthusiastic about learning new dishes.

Team MM wishes all the ladies in the campus a Happy Women’s Day.