Getting Undercover

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, in the most crowded area of the institute during a fest, namely SAC, took place an event called “Incognito” organised by the CEST, the Civil Engineering Club of NIT, Rourkela.


The basic theme of Incognito was based on perception. The whole idea was “what you see is not what it is actually like.” You needed proper brainstorming to reach an answer.
“Incognito 2.0” showed a participation of 28 teams and 71 participants and was one of the maximum participated events of ISM 2k15. The event was a three tier event. The 1st round was a written round which had a cryptic question to be solved by the participants. This was followed by a scavenger hunt in which the participants had to solve some riddles which led to a building in the academic area. The participants had to take a picture of that building in their cell phones and the first ones to show it to the coordinators got qualified. Six teams qualified to the third round which was a round of civil charades. One of the participant would be standing in front of the projector and the other had to guess which structure it was.

Apart from the NITR junta, people from different colleges also participated. In the end Prof. R K Sinha and Prof. Ramakar Jha came in and announced the results.

This is one of the major event conducted by CEST and has turned into a flagship event of the club. Team MM congratulates the club and hopes that it maintains its successful trend.