Of Good Looks and Wits

With the simultaneous ongoing of other events, this ISM witnessed NITR’s very own ‘Mr. and Miss ISM’; an event intended to showcase beauty with brains.

The event started in a rather sentient vibe in the BBA with a lag time of around four and a half hours and stretched to around 6 pm.

The first round started off with fewer audiences with twenty contestants testing their interpersonal skills. In this round, the participants had to showcase their talent, taking the centre-stage limelight. The performances were varied which went on from dancing to singing to rap, mono-acting, body building and amusing people with jokes. The participants hailed not only from India, like Rajasthan, Rourkela, Cuttack and Baripada but also from abroad like Afghanistan and Bangladesh. With the unfolding seconds of mesmerizing performances, more audiences were attracted to the show. People whistled and screamed in sheer delight at the dance performances and sharing an equal rapt attention at the mono-acting and singing acts. A student from Afghanistan displayed his muscular body in full flamboyance and confidence. The ephemeral dance performances were no less than a show stealer. One of the participants shared his experience and endeavor with few of his advices about dreams, life and the vicious cycle of society and career.  Ceasing to simmer down a bit, the second round started with much pomp and hula hoop with contestants staging a ramp walk in pairs.

The contestants were shortlisted down to four boys and four girls with respect to their impressive showcasing of their talent. In the final round,2 male participants and 2 female participants were shortlisted and they had to grasp the attention of the audience with a rapid fire questions to test their personality and skills. Many questions were asked to them by the esteemed judge; tricky ones like, “How far would you go to win this contest?” or a rather edgy one like, “Who would you choose first: career or family?” This was a deal sealing for the promising contestants.

The night chapter was closed with the announcement of winners: Abdidullah from Afghanistan and Neetu from Baripada. The night couldn’t have been better without the encouraging and motivational words shared by the famed judges, Chinmoy Sreechandan, a model and Padmini Panigrahi who is a radio artist. The event coordinator and the convener felicitated the winners with bouquets and presents.