The Mining Extravaganza: Minare '15

The Department of Mining Engineering pioneered the Minare '14 - the annual geo mining festival, a year ago. Continuing the legacy, Minare '15 was organised recently to bring together the budding mining engineers of the nation and put up a platform to propagate knowledge in the field of mining technology. The three-day programme consisted of various technical and cultural events witnessing a healthy participation from institutes such as ISM Dhanbad , leading the participation numbers, IIT Kharagpur, NIT Raipur, Jodhpur College of Engineering among other reputed institutes along with two law colleges from Odisha. This one-of-a-kind fest succeeded in bringing a majority of the mining community under a single roof and initiating a practical approach to the technicalities of the study of this vital department. We bring you an excerpt of the proceedings: 

Day -1

The first day of this mega affair kicked off with the registration of the participants followed by the inauguration ceremony and interactive session. The chief guest at the inauguration ceremony was Mr. Vijay Kumar Soren, an alumnus of NIT Rourkela (then REC), who interacted with the students reminiscing his days in REC Orissa and the evolution of the department and the institute in all these years. He expressed his passion for mining engineering and talked to students regarding the vitality of the department of mining engineering for the development of a nation and the various prospects of the nascent mining engineers. The other panellists were Prof. KC Pati and Prof. Hrushikesh Naik, the HOD of the mining department. Lighting of the lamp was commemorated as is the ritual in NITR before the dawn of any proceeding. To put the curtains to the inauguration, the guests were felicitated and given a vote of thanks for their moral support to the highly ambitious event. 

Day - 2

The second day of Minare 2k15 kicked off with events – Niskarsh and Carte Balanche. 

The event Niskarsh dealt with legal aspects of the mining industry.The participants are given a scenario of any incident, and they had to take up the role of defendants to make their arguments based on the existing rules and regulations of the mining industry. This events attracted law colleges from all over India. Which law colleges came and who won this event?

Another event going alongside Niskarsh was Carte Balanche. This event mainly dealt with the technical aspects of the mining engineering. The participants were supposed to give presentations on topics related to mining techniques, processes or any literary based. The presentations were followed by a round of questions by the judges. Like Niskarsh, even Carte Balanche had two rounds. First was an online round, where the students had to submit synopsis of their work, from which the best ones were shortlisted to give their presentation at NIT Rourkela. A guest lecture was organised after the lunch by Dr. P. Sahoo from ISM Dhanbad.

Next-up was one of the most exciting and adrenaline filled, treasure hunting event – Khoj. With clues scattered across the campus, the students were racing each other, to be the first to finish off the treasure hunt. This event attracted a lot of people, and managed to keep the participants on their toes till the very end.

To give the wonderful evening a touch of music, Musical Night was organized at BBA.

And the last event for the day was Geobotics. This event also stresses on the technical aspects of mining. The participants had to perform the task using a manual BOT. The BOT had to survive the gruelling track to reach the finishing point to dump the materials. With this, the second day of Minare 2k15 came to end. 

Day - 3

The last day of this grandeur hosted a basketful of exotic technical events. The day started off with the 'Exodus'. The event gives the rare opportunity to the students to experience the problems faced by managers and executives of a mine and the prospect of proposing a solution after proper analysis of the problem. The participants were provided with a problem statement on which they had to deliver a case study in the form of a presentation. The event not only challenged the planning skills of the participant, but also the computational and optimization approaches.

Petro Case Study was next in line presenting an opportunity to the participants to investigate into a current buzz in the mining industry, develop an insight into geosciences and the rudiments of it. The topic for the case study was a trending hurdle faced in the mining industry: "Geo-political and techno-economic feasibility of importing crude oil and natural gas from Central Asia reserves".

Mining engineers are required to equally efficient in technical, economic, managerial and environmental aspects to successfully endure on the journey of a miner. Mining intelligence, a maiden initiative, is a bizzing-cum-quizzing contest event covering all the above aspects and nurturing the students to develop holistically and mine engineer.   

Post lunch, 'Kritansh' was the event that followed. It is a quiz competition that intends to boost enthusiasm and awareness among the students and expose them to the problems and advances in the field of mining. A guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Mahesh Singh, the DGM of Jindal Steel.

The widely acclaimed festival finally came to an end with the closing ceremony and prize distribution. NIT Rourkela bagged the award for the overall winner along other institutes trailed by IIT Kharagpur and Government College of Engineering - Keonjhar.

Team MM congratulates the entire Minare team for the ecstatic conduction of this unique festival and wishes them luck for the subsequent editions.