An Unplugged Musical Night

On the lawns in front of LA, Heartbeats, the official contemporary fusion band of NIT Rourkela, presented an unplugged musical narrative concert named “Maktub” which means “it’s written” in Arabic. The dimly lit lawn along with the moonlight shining down on the audience created a perfect ambience. Albeit not being a flagship event, the event managed to draw a huge crowd and left everybody wanting more. The band had some songs lined up through which they wanted to depict a story of love.


A Barney Stinson Moment

TV shows have redefined our outlook on life and our tastes as well. There are occasions when we try to emulate whatever our favorite character does on-screen notwithstanding however ridiculous they may seem. After the 9 complete seasons of How I Met Your Mother, there are two things that endear to the hearts of the show’s male protagonist, Barney Stinson (played by Neil Patrick Harris).


A Twisted Tale of Entertainment: Culture Shock


The makers of the hugely successful Cosmic Race and Cosmic Race 2.0 gave NITRUTSAV 2015 one of its most successful events: Culture Shock. One of the biggest surprises of this cultural festival, the format of the event had been a mystery all throughout. The only description given in the publicity of this event was that it is an Entertainment Trivia.



One of the customary events of Clarion, the Literary & Debating Club of NITR is the Lit-A-Lympics, a multi-level literary extravaganza that has everything from crosswords and puzzles to homonyms and Pictionary. Lit-A-Lympics of 2015 was scheduled for the morning of Sunday stretching from 10AM to 4PM. Like every other event that took place on the morning of 8th, Lit-A-Lympics suffered from an initial dry spell. However, by the time the clock struck 12, 25 teams had already registered for the event. The first round was a paper-based event that had riddles, puns, crosswords and various other literary puzzles. A total of 35 teams submitted the paper for the first round which ended at 1 PM. 

8 teams out of the 35 qualified for the second round. The second round had a glorified dumb-charades where the shortlisted teams took turns to identify the given movie. While one team member picked chits that led to the movies, the other one had to act it out. They were also allowed to doodle on a white board for a limited time period. The team with the greater number of guesses had a higher score.

In the final round, the teams were shown a series of pictures which were hints to some popular phrases or idioms. The teams were given a limited time period within which they had to guess the maximum number of phrases. The hints varied from pictures to wordart and had the participants going completely crazy. After 6 hours of struggle, the final winners were Amrit Kanungo and Rohit Mohanty, both belonging to the Department of Computer Science, NIT Rourkela.


FOOTLOOZE: The Battle of Dance

The literary and cultural society provides a platform for everyone to showcase their talents on the cultural and literary front in the form of NITRUTSAV. One of the most anticipated and awaited events of the fest is the dance competition, Footlooze. Every year the competition finds great participation from different colleges of Odisha. Team MM comes up with the report on this year’s instalment of Footlooze.