Summarized And Symbolized

'There are three responses to a design-Yes, No and Wow. WOW is the one to aim for.'

In a world where nothing short of perfection hails and prevails, mediocrity is the last thing to look out for. Holding this thought, the Technical Society of NITR tried its level best to make its first event, the TECH DAY 2014 successful.  Tech Day 2014 , the curtain raiser for Innovision started off with a bountiful twenty events by the Technical and Management clubs of NITR. One of the events which marked the onset of the day was “Get Set Logo”, which was a logo designing competition organized by Design Tab, one the springing and invigorating clubs of NIT Rourkela.


A Technical Venture: Techi Trix

‘Techi Trix’, as the name suggests, was a programming event hosted by the Microsoft Campus Club, to satiate the psyche of the technical devotees. The event which was basically a Knockout Coding Quiz witnessed an overwhelming participation from the coding enthusiasts.


Bioquiz Choreographed

Society of Engineers for Living Systems (SELS) organised an event, BIOQUIZ on the occasion of tech day. The quiz was intended to foster awareness about biological systems and to give idea about recent technology in healthcare.