Secretaries' Secrets-I: CVR and KMS Halls of Residence

With the inception of a novel academic year, the hustle & bustle of hall elections pervaded the entire ladies hostel. The KMS hall elections, apparently, did not go as flat as a pancake. The e-voting hours which were effectuated from 11am-12pm were unfortunately cancelled due to some alleged manipulations and the votes were re-casted from 5-6pm. Declaration of the results were met with euphoria for some, while for the rest, despondency filled up the air. 

Team MM had a chat with the newly delegated hall secretaries regarding their election manifestoes and prospective plans of action. 

The new General Secretary of KMS, Divya Rani enunciates about transforming the hostel into a better place for everyone to live in. The major issue persistent in the hostel is the paucity of clear potable water. Therefore, she plans to put stickers on all the water coolers mentioning its former cleaning date which shall increase the efficiency of the cleaning staff. She also intends to put up a SAMAN BAY wherein boarders can donate their books and old clothes. The collection of books would serve as a mini-KMS library, while the clothes would be donated to the orphanages via social service clubs of the institute. She also contemplates to set up a complaint-box where boarders can put their disgruntlements which shall be addressed accordingly. Innovative ideas in the context of hall functions shall be whole-heartedly welcomed from the boarders. She also desires to set up a study room with Wi-Fi facility. Along with this, she also plans to create a web-page and an e-newsletter in order to apprise the boarders of the latest hall events and developments, thereby adding to the transparency of the hall management system. With a view to ensuring maintenance, volunteers will be appointed in each corridor that shall be monitored throughout the year and the best ones would be rewarded. A public number shall be provided to the boarders in order to bridge the gap between them and the general secretary. 

The other secretaries also expressed similar plans in meliorating the hostel conditions.

B. Himabindu, the Mess Secretary elucidates her agenda to bring a positive reform in terms of services. She emphasizes on setting up a complaint register and trying out an experimental dish every month, which, if liked by majority of the boarders, shall be included in the mess menu. She also speaks about holding regular opinion polls in order to scrutinize the quality of food being served. She has also proposed to install a hand wash near the mess wash-basin. Expressing her views on the debatable issue of snacks being scrapped off, she raised her concern on the long time warp between the lunch and dinner hours. She therefore, assures of resolving the issue as soon as possible.

B. Lalitha Lahiri, the Maintenance Secretary assures of replacing the existing buckets, mugs and dustbins with new ones and fixing the inconvenience being faced by the boarders of the ground floor arising from open drainage system.

Kunsoth Haripriya, the Environment Secretary desires to beautify the hostel vicinity by planting ornamental flowers and improvising the garden area. She is also resolute in keeping a check over the pest menace.

B H Priyanka, the new Games and Sports Secretary emphasises on increasing the participation of girls in sport activities and also organise indoor games for the boarders.

Sripurapu Sneha, the Cultural and Entertainment Secretary, has also come up with plans of devising various programs and entertainment opportunities for the boarders that would revitalize them from their monotonous routine. She therefore, plans to create some short films and install a projector in the common room whereby boarders can enjoy their Friday night watching good movies.

The elections in CVR were not as bungled as that of KMS. Although the elections were held in a rush, they took place in a fair and healthy way and unlike the KMS elections, the election process was completed in one go. 

The election results were as followed:

Suchitra Murmu, the General Secretary of CVR, when asked about the agenda for the year, said they will be having a general body meeting which will include all the boarders from all branches. There will be a detailed discussion on the wants and needs of the girls regarding the general issues of the hostel like the problems involving the in times, mess menus, environment issues etc. 

When asked about the first year grievances, we were told that it will be taken care of. As the PhDs are leaving one by one, the shifting process is slow. The general secretary assured that they will be doing anything and everything possible to minimise their problems. In the recent HMC meeting it was told that the KMS boarders would be moved to the old KMS building a.k.a Satish Dhawan, Hall of Residence, before the winter break. Once they are moved, CVR would have sufficient rooms to accommodate all the first years in rooms and they will be moved out of the dorms.

Subhashree Swain, the Cultural Secretary, ensured that there will be a lot of hall events this year. Also, this year the food and entertainment would be made a priority while organising a Hall fest instead of spending a bit too much on the decorations. The secretary is planning to organise a Fresher party such that it doesn’t create much hassle to any of the boarders and they end up having a nice time. 

The Maintenance Secretary, Swetashree Sahoo, assured that one of the foremost things that would be done is the installation of water coolers in every floor of the hostel and also the servicing of the existing ones. The dysfunctional geysers would be repaired and notices would be put up for the proper usage of the geysers. Also, they have ordered for the steel dustbins which were a necessity since the dogs used to spill the plastic ones and litter the floor, creating a menace. Every two rooms will have a single shoe rack and that will be attested to the walls. The broken mirrors will be replaced, the dysfunctional flushes would be repaired and the hinges on the bathroom doors would be brought down. The secretaries have also proposed to get another washing machine for the girls. 

Unlike KMS, CVR has two Mess Secretaries this time namely, Asita Samal and Rashmi Burugupalli. After the change in the caterers, the mess is better than before. The mess menu will be revised within a week after consulting everyone in the general body meeting. Bigger dustbins would be introduced so that food is not spilled. Also, the aqua guards and water coolers will be serviced regularly.

The Environment Secretary, Srivalli’s agenda will be to make sure that the beautification of the hostel area is done as soon as possible. The hostel area will be swept regularly and more and more flowers will be planted to beautify the area.

The Sports Secretary, Prasanthi Prashu’s main agenda is to introduce a new gymnasium in the hostel as soon as possible. She believes that more and more girls will be able to keep fit if a gym is opened up.

When asked about the implementation of these agendas, we were told that it would be executed within a period of two months.

The KMS and CVR Hall junta have high hopes from these freshly elected leaders and in turn the leaders have donned their armours to serve them with honesty, devotion and assiduity.


Team MM wishes the knights with the best of complements and success in the enterprise.