A Step away from Help

In an educational institute with high standards, cut-throat competition and heavy syllabi, stress and insecurity are commonplace.

Factoring into this ugly equation is the threat of insecurity towards the women in the society as a whole. Therefore, considering several important issues of life, the C V Raman and the K M Shaw Hall of Residence, took the initiative to invite Professor Kalyani Mishra, the resident Counsellor of NIT Rourkela to make the students aware of the counselling and psychological help facilities in the institute. Professor Mishra is a trained psychologist and a retired lecturer in Psychology at Government Autonomous College, Rourkela.

The talk by Professor Mishra received enthusiastic response. The girls listened to the inspiring talk in rapt attention. Professor Mishra talked about various aspect of a woman’s life, and how beautiful and precious it is. She talked about how our own self is our own responsibility. Several factors for stress and how excess of stress can put your life out of balance were discussed. More importantly, she explained the importance of professional help in times of emotional crisis. The students became aware of the help they can receive. She asked the students to unhesitatingly ask for her help when they need it.

At the end of the talk, she clarified various doubts of the students and gave advice on how to handle the problems that come in the way. The girls were assured by the presence of such a motherly and inspiring figure.
Team MM hails this initiative and congratulates the wardens and the secretaries for organising the event successfully.