HMC - Wrapping up the Session

The Hall Management Council assembled for another meeting towards the end of the academic session on 02 April 2015. This short meeting transpired to discuss some of the upcoming events before the termination of the session.

Following are some excerpts from the proceedings:

The Grand Farewell Dinner is scheduled to be celebrated on 10 April 2015. Similar to each year, the preparations are going on in full swing to cater to the expectations of the students. Some improvisations have been made this year to organise it better. The number of counters for food, water and ice cream will be increased to manage the crowd more efficiently. The graduating students shall be treated as guests along with the faculty and staff, reserving separate counters for them. The council appeals for volunteers from the first and second years for the organisation of the Grand Farewell.

The Hall and Room allotment for the next session will also commence shortly. The hostel allotment shall be done by 10 April 2015 while the students will be required to shift in their new halls in the month July, with the start of the new academic session. With the Satish Dhawan Hall of Residence due to be functional next semester onwards, the boys presently residing in KMS Hall will be shifted there, while female students from CVR will be shifted to KMS Hall (old Satish Dhawan Hall). The criteria for room allotment shall vary in each hostel depending on the availability of rooms, the number of final years residing and the student intake. Only the first years will be required to shift their halls; the senior students shall remain in the same hostels, unless preferred otherwise. Single rooms shall be approved only for the final year students. All the other students will have to reside in shared rooms, with the exception of medical cases. The vacant rooms in every hall shall be kept for emergency purposes, for instance, when a student suffers from a contagious disease.