The Year That Was: M.S.S Hall Review

It is almost the end of another year, with the tenure of majority of the offices of people coming to an end. This is the time to reflect at the year that has gone by; bask in the laurels that have been achieved and analyze the various lacunae that has been observed throughout the year. Team Monday Morning brings to you the annual review of M.S. Swaminathan Hall, and gives you, the Common NITRian, a glimpse of how the various secretaries of this hall have fared in their year-long duties towards their hall of residence.


There have been a huge number of complaints regarding the conditions of the mess since the menu that has been decided in the General Body meeting has not been paid any heed to. It is not being prepared as per the requirements of the borders, and it deteriorates with time even after the caterers are being swapped from one hall to another. The Mess Secretary has tried his level best to cater to the needs of the boarders, yet he blames on the stubbornness of the mess workers.

Playing pitch

The students have lost a place to play any sort of games i.e. cricket, football in the place between Block-B and Block-C of M.S. Swaminathan Hall. A protest, in which signatures of around 150 residents have been taken voicing their opinions against the fact that work was undertaken to install a proper pitch in the field because of the immense dust that emanates from that patch of field. The Asst. Warden Asst. Prof. S. Giri was of the idea that no proper field could be put up as a sporting field in Rourkela could not have any sort of grass. Yet the secretaries went ahead with that plan. It consumed around 17 grand, which as the General Secretary, puts it has gone to waste. Nobody is allowed to take part in any sort of sporting activity of any form in that area. If found so, then that particular group of students could be subject to a punishment determined by the ISDC.

Gym/Music Room

The General Secretary considers the plan of music room & gym to be a failure in terms of execution & subject to the budget. The MSS Hall was suffering with a TV Crisis. The hall had only one TV in the previous session which was also not in a workable condition. With the Cricket World Cup approaching, the hall had to buy the TV sets which will also turn up to be permanent assets. A major part of around 2 lacs of money was spent on buying the TV which was installed in the ground floor & the first floor common room. There was a shortage of budget, so the plans of music room & gym could not be initialized. 


There was a bit of a lack in the maintenance activity of the hall. There is no shower in each of the bathrooms, and the ones that have already been installed have not been working. Everyone feels that the Maintenance Secretary has not put in his best effort to improve the maintenance activities of the hall.


People have complained that there are not many chairs in the common rooms of MSS Hall of Residence. The Assistant Warden Asst. Prof. S. Giri Sir remarked that there was a small discussion regarding whether moveable or fixed chairs would be bought for the boarders. Finally both of these types would be proportionately used for the common rooms. These have already been bought, and shall be put up in the various common rooms, but no specific timeline has been given by the Chief Warden. 

Hall Competitions

All of the Intra-Hall events whether sports or cultural or literary have been conducted successfully with judges being called from outside to monitor the proceedings of the events, and to declare the final results. The results have been fair and not at all ambiguous, as the General Secretary pointed out. Wardens and other faculty members had been called to judge the poster making competitions, rangoli, essay-writing, debates and so on. The ‘Best Boarder’ was chosen after the nominations came pouring in from all the residents of the M.S. Swaminathan Hostel. 

Environment Work

The Environment and Maintenance Secretaries were asked bluntly whether there are any noticeable changes that they have implemented that people have failed to see, they replied that they have planted roses this year. Majority of the budget is used for paying the gardener and garden workers. Though they have agreed that not much investments have been done as per the aesthetics of the garden.

Budget Distribution

The Annual Hall Budget for MSS Hall of Residence was altered a bit to accommodate for a LCD HD TV that consumed 2 lakhs, as the General Secretary puts forward. A deluge of sports goods like cricket bats & balls, badminton rackets & shuttlecocks, basketballs and so on were bought this year and that took up more than 2 lakhs. Around 20 grand was spent on Diwali. There were three hall fests that have taken up around 1.5 lakhs each. Around 17 grand was spent uselessly on the pitch between Block-B and Block-C. The lighting system installation took up a good deal of money too. 

Probable Extra Additions

As per the secretaries, there are a few additions that could be taken up by the HEC that shall be succeeding them in the next scholastic year.

(a) An Indoor hall could be created that caters to indoor games like chess, carom and so on. A Futsal table can also be arranged. 

(b) A few extra benches could be put up near the newly installed plants for people to sit and relax.

(c) Garden improvement can be undertaken in a larger scale than it was done this year. 

Team Monday Morning congratulates the team of secretaries on whatever they have achieved till now, and would request the next HEC to look into the lacunae that have been pointed out in this annual review so that the M.S.S. Hall can achieve greater benchmarks that have been set by those previously.