To Mark the Golden Jubilee

With numerous and rapid development happening in all nook and corners of the institute, one gets a direct glimpse of it right beside the class hubs where construction of humongous buildings is on the go. This is in reference to the Golden Jubilee building whose construction has been progressing with ritualistic speed.

The Golden Jubilee building was planned to commemorate the completion of fifty golden years of our institute. The site is located in the left front of the Lecture Gallery. Behind the Workshop and the Mechanical Department, this site is adjacent to the BT/BM building.

The mega project, with an approximate budget of a 100 Crores was handed over to the Shapoorji Constructors, and the work officially started in December 2013. But it faced some major work blockades, which led to a delay in the work by some three months. The construction site turned out to be a water logged region, which was discovered only while laying the foundation. To tackle the situation, designs were proposed, finalized and approved by authorities. Hitherto, time consumed lead to a loss of labor and the final proper construction began in February 2014. At present the builders stipulate this building to see completion within three years of its beginning.

Team MM contacted the site in-charge, Mr. Khokan Sampui, who shed some light on the progress of the project. So far, the basic foundation has been laid, and it has seen the completion of the basement and the first floor. The entire building has been rudimentarily divided into three basic sections; including a seven-storeyed Administrative block, a thirteen-storeyed tower for departmental classes and the third for informal activities. In the administrative cell, three floors shall be allotted for the Library. A complete floor maybe allotted for the Directorial office. It is also speculated that a large scale telescope shall be installed at the top of the tower. Provisions for three pairs of lift, two for each section, have been made. The basic structural buildup will amount to 60% of the entire budget, while the rest is saved for finishing works like that of plastering, tiling, etc.

The Golden Jubilee building sets a whole new benchmark in the arena of Infrastructural development. This shall be the largest academic building, not just in the institute, but in the entire region. Eager eyes await the completion of this Mega Project, which is a memoir of the 50 glorious years of this premiere institute.