The Mechanical Marvel

Rapid developments in the field of infrastructure is directly proportional to the progress of an institute and same holds for NIT Rourkela where the construction of new and high tech buildings is in full swing and once completed will add an extra feather to its glory.

Team MM has already made its readers familiar with the Golden Jubilee Building, the twin Lecture Halls and the new SD Hall. This time we have come up with the nitty-gritty of Mechanical Science Building.

The Mechanical Science Building is essentially the building for Mechanical and Industrial Development Departments. This gigantic building is being constructed at the southern part of the campus in the vicinity of the staff quarters. It is situated at the south western side to the Lecture Hall assembly, behind the golden jubilee building site and beside Lecture Hall-2. The basic backbone, the brick structure is almost complete, the elevation on the front side has already been done beautifully. The interior designing of the building i.e. floor tiling, window panes installation, paint and other related tasks, is expected to commence next.

The project was started on 1st of July in 2013, the contract being taken up by Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. LTD. Kolkata. The contractor is a lot optimistic and dictums to finish up everything by 30th June, 2015.
“The work is going on as expected. We have not faced any major obstructions. If everything goes right, the building will shine by the stipulated time.”

The same company is involved in other sites of the institute too. One big novelty brought up by the company is the use of concrete bricks. Concrete brick has more benefits than their clay counterpart. They deaden exterior noise, providing a buffer from traffic noise, airplanes flying overhead and other various disruptions. Fire protection is another benefit as is reduced maintenance. Finally, concrete brick walls can improve the thermal mass qualities of exterior walls, thus reducing energy bills.