Galloping Gazelles

Months of hard work and meticulous planning by the athletes and organising team paid off, with NITR emerging as the CHAMPION of the Athletics Meet in both Men and Women’s category. Their joy knew no bounds, the euphoria didn’t seem to subside even as the day came to an end.

Team MM presents to you a brief outline of the Athletics Events spread over three days with two sessions on Saturday and one session each on Friday and Sunday.


Sun just started blazing high in the sky, as the anxious contestants standing on the track of DTS Stadium started warming up for the first event of the day Men’s 800 meters race. An electrified crowd engulfed the track on all sides as the contestants took their respective positions on the track. As the shot was fired in to the air, the runners started to sprint dashing past each other and overtaking one another. Ajeet Singh of NITR stood first, giving the host an early lead. Another exciting event of the day was Men’s Shot Put, with none of the contestants coming close to two pillars of NITR, Archit Acharya and Abhishek Das, standing first and second respectively. Event that made the Friday evening unforgettable was the Men’s 4x400 relay. With the host runners raced past the other teams like a walk in a park. Rajib Sahoo stood as runner up for the high jump, but Raksha Amin of Surathkal perfect technique bewitched the audience.


First event of day two was Women’s 5000 metres race, in which Shubhangi Jha of NITR raced past the finish line by lapping almost 3 other runners. Another spectacular performances of the day were witnessed in Men’s Discus competition. And yet again no one came close to the monster-like throws by athletics captain Abhishek Das (winner) and the Archit Acharya(runner-up). They repeated the same episode of dominance in the Men’s Hammer Throw. Ivanshi Patel of Durgapur was one of the most chanted names on the field, with her winning almost every track event with a huge margin. Ajeet Singh won another gold medal for the Men’s 400 metres and Allahabad’s captain Sumit came third. With this, at the end of second day NITR was leading on the point table with MNIT at second spot.


Only a few events were scheduled for the final day, starting with the Men’s 400 metres Hurdles. Initially there were a couple of glitches with the gun, as the runners took their spot. NITR team managed with finish second, and maintaining their lead on the points table. Up next was Women’s 100 metres with Ivanshi Patel of Durgapur dominating yet again, and Susri Sweta of NITR bagging the second place. Animosity with MNIT continued as their captain Sumit dashed through the finish line first in the Men’s 100 metres and Ajeet Singh of NITR finishing second. NITR won Men’s 4x100 metre Relay and Women’s 4x100 metre Relay back to back. NITR had their topmost runners lined up on single track and none of the other teams had any chance.

 As the final point tally was calculated, NITR stood champions in both Men and Women category. NITR camp erupted into cheers and hugs congratulating each other. The team ran around the field in excitement. Tears were shed and hearts were shattered amongst the team members of MNIT, who stood second. In the end all the teams gathered around and congratulated each other. And finally all the teams headed to BBA to collect their respective medals.

Isn’t it what sports is about? Celebration of sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline. Some win, some loose but everyone learns to work in unison as a team to cover each other’s to add up each other’s strengths and eliminate each other drawback. 

On a final note, Team MM congratulates all the winners and participants.