Review with Retrospect: Inter NIT Meet

After a weekend of extravaganza which witnessed the meet of all NIT’s for a healthy competition in the Athletics and Cultural front, Team MM went on for a detailed analysis of the meet. NIT-Rourkela bagged the opportunity to organise the athletics event of inter- NIT meet alongside dance and drama competition, the first of its kind under the O-INSA. Be it punctuality with the schedule or the quality of organisation, our institute has definitely set an example for conducting the meet.

As a part of the review, Team MM approached athletics teams from 11 NITs for their opinion and ratings on the various parameters regarding the event.


After a small talk with some of the NITs, this is the area where things did not happen as per the plan. MNIT ALLAHABAD and VNIT NAGPUR complained about having no proper transportation facility and were also dissatisfied with the authorities for not receiving their phone calls. NIT GOA’s plight was similar to that of MNIT’s, as the team was, in fact, stranded at the station for three hours in the cold and none of the officials or co-ordinators were either not picking up phones or they were switched off. 

Ajith Krishnan (Sports Society Secretary): MNIT and VNIT arrived at 3’o clock in the night, but the actual time was 2 in the afternoon. We had booked a bus for them and arrangements were made according to that. They, however, arrived late at night without any prior intimation (even the IRCTC site was showing that the train was delayed indefinitely without specifying any timing). Everyone was overworked and tired, due to which we couldn’t take their calls, but as soon as they arrived in the campus, the accommodation of the teams was taken care of -without any glitches”. 

Debayan Sarkar (Sports Society VP) was on the same page. He backed the co-ordinators, saying that that the team was not properly informed about their arrival. The co-ordinators were working relentlessly for a week without proper rest, and so they couldn’t respond to MNIT’s calls. 

Following were the ratings given by each of the teams on the transportation front (out of 10).


The co-ordinators put forward their best foot in providing the athletes with the best accommodation they could. They were given beds and blankets; rooms were provided with mosquito repellents and extension boxes. Boys from all the teams were content with the accommodation provided, though some of them complained about crowded rooms, the unclean dormitories and washrooms. Girls were accommodated in a barrack adjacent to the ladies hostel, and they had the most to complain about. Most of them were displeased with the unavailability of hot water in their vicinity. 

Ajith Krishnan: “We were expecting around 60-70 girls but the turnout was more than expected. Some of the teams didn’t send the participants list, so we had no clue about the total number until they arrived here. We tried to accommodate the teams in the common rooms of the ground floor and they were even provided with mugs and buckets. As the barracks were a temporary shelter just to accommodate the students from the other colleges, they had no geyser provision and we couldn’t get the problem addressed in time. But they were allowed to use the geysers in CVR”.

Debayan Sarkar said that the problem had come to his notice. He had personally talked about this to the Chief Warden and the Wardens of KMS and CVR to allow the girls to use the geysers inside the hostel. Drinking water was provided to the students in abundance along with extra water filters to address their needs. They also made sure that all the rooms were properly cleaned before the participants arrived.


The hostel mess catered to the athletes, and the lunch for the officials and the coaches was arranged at the guest house. Most of the NITs did not have much to complain about the food as they were aware of the kind of food that is served in the hostel mess. However, some of them were not happy with the non-nutritious and uncooked food being served to the athletes. They also complained that the athletes had to eat the same breakfast as other students and then go on for the track events, and they rather preferred to have light breakfast (like a couple of bananas and milk). The participants were discontented with not providing refreshments after the race.  

Ajith Krishnan said that it wasn’t possible to have a separate counter in the mess for the other students, and the refreshments were distributed far too much on the first day - due to which - there was a bit of a shortage on the consequent days.

VP Debayan Sarkar said he wasn’t informed about this, and that he had asked the athletes personally and none of them mentioned it to him. He also said that they will try to keep this in mind for future events and implement it. He was optimistic that enough glucose and refreshment were brought and provided to the athletes. 


The final and the most important criterion being event organising and management. All NITs were extremely satisfied with the way the event was organised. All the co-ordinators and volunteers were amicable. The events were also conducted as per the schedule. A couple of participants felt that the schedule was a bit hectic and their events were clashing. 

Ajith Krishnan: “We made the schedule as per the Indian sports federation- the track events were held alongside shot put and discus events, as there is a little chance of a participant being in both track and shot put events”.

VP Debayan Sarkar said they were on a tight schedule of just three days. They had to start at a modest time of 10 in the morning and finish by 4 in the evening as there were Drama and Cultural competitions at the BBA.

Debayan Sarkar commended the organising team for their efforts to make this Inter-NIT meet a success. He also quoted that it was a learning experience for everyone, and organising such a big event though with some small glitches wouldn’t have been an easy task without their hard work.

The Captain’s Words:

Team MM caught up with Athletics Team Captain Abhisek Dash. “We carefully planned the whole year long practices keeping in mind the Best Overall Championship title.” He also said that SAC supported them in getting a national level coach, Shri Panchanan Gantayat who is known to have trained Arjuna Awardees. The meet was conducted with equipments of great standard like a new High Jump Pit, Olympic standard Discuss, Shotput and Fibre Javelin. The captain particularly was thankful to Dr PK Rout for all the support provided. The athletes from different NIT’s were happy with the organisation of the meet.

Regarding the satisfaction of the captain with the support provided by the institute, the captain said that the fulfilment of their requirements was delayed till December in spite of giving the list of requirement at the very beginning of the academic year. There was also an issue with the provision of jerseys and track suits which was received by the team at the last moment due to which the team had to resort to different colour track suits and jerseys.

When MM questioned about the reason for all NIT’s not showing up for the Meet, he said “It is the decision of O-INSA to conduct Inter NIT Sports Meet for different sports in different NIT’s. Though the invitation is sent to all the 30 NIT’s, the major problem lies with the timing and schedule. As the vacation and examination timing of all NIT’s do not match, it is very difficult to find a common timing.”

“All’s well that ends well” seemed to be the motto of the athletics event. All the teams were contented with the way the events were organised. Some of the teams had little trouble with the transportation. Team MM congratulates the Co-ordinators on a job well done and applauds them for all the effort and hard work they put, to make this event a success.