A tournament that stretched on for 2 month, the Annual Sports Meet was different this time. With a schedule which was interfered in between by two fests and one inter NIT meet, the planning may have gone a bit haywire however it was managed to a satisfactory level. Following is a report on all the events conducted:


Contrary to the first inter hall of the year this time it was the Team of MSS Hall that emerged victorious in the highly competitive tournament beating VS Hall of Residence in the finals.


The basketball competition turned out to be a very interesting tournament. The MSS hall turned out to be a dark horse of the tournament surprising most of the competitive teams like VS Hall of Residence. However, the most dominant team throughout the tournament was the DBA Hall which after a dramatic start to the tournament showed an impressive run. Eventually, the hall went on to win the title.

For girls it was a best of three tournaments in which CVR won against KMS by 2-1. The tournament turned interesting as the last match was the deciding match.


Again it was the dominant show of DBA Hall of Residence in the Kabaddi which had a showdown against VS Hall in the finals.

Table Tennis and Tennis:

Table Tennis was however a different story where the team of VS Hall of Residence won the title against Homi Bhabha Hall of Residence who provided a competitive fight against VS Hall.


Volleyball conducted tournament for both Boys and Girls. In the Boys category the winners were DBA and runners up was VS Hall. In the Girls category KMS Hall won against the CVR Hall of Residence.


Again it was the VS show in badminton which had maximum players from the institute team and the runners up was the DBA Hall of Residence. In the girls category again KMS turned victorious.


Winners – VS Hall Gold, MSS Hall Silver


Winning team – VS Hall


Athletics was a complete MSS Hall Show which bagged the Best Athletics team and also the Best Athlete went to Rakesh from MSS Hall.

The Overall Champions of the sports meet was VS Hall of Residence for its commendable performance in every sport.

Team MM congratulates all the winners.