A Pratyusha

  • ISI, Kolkata
  • Unpaid
  • 4 weeks

How to apply?

The institution puts up a notice on their website in March-April.


Firstly, it's not an internship. It is a Workshop on Mathematical Problem Solving.

The institute is really good. I had gotten a fully furnished room in the ISI Guest House. Food was tasty, very good for non veggies. The profs are super friendly and very knowledgeable. They make you see a non scary side of Maths, which Maths actually is. Students interested in computations should give it a try. Apart from this, the topics covered are combinatorics, trigonometry, geometry, number theory, analysis, logical reasoning, set theory, optimization and calculus.

I would advice Int M.Sc Maths students to apply for this workshop at the end of their second year.

ISI is fun!

PS: Any body who like to solve Maths problems can apply.

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